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I planned a little surprise weekend getaway for Andreas’s birthday over the weekend, well I intended for it to be a surprise, but I have a really difficult time keeping anything from him and he managed to get it out of me.  I really wanted to plan a trip somewhere warm, but sadly there was a lot going on this week and it just wasn’t in the cards so we kept it relatively local, taking the two hour train ride to Hamburg and spent the weekend exploring the weekend by foot.  Andreas had visited the city a few years ago and for once it was really fun to have him lead me around a new place, as somehow I am always the de-facto guide when we travel.  Sometimes I find it fun to do absolutely no research before I visit somewhere new, and just wander the streets rather aimlessly to get a feel for the place.  This was one of those trips, and it was really lovely to have a weekend with absolutely no agenda and have the luxury of just wandering the city until we found somewhere or something that caught our eye to stop and have a drink or a bite to eat.  We did intend on visiting the famous Fischmarkt on Sunday morning… I woke up when the alarm went off bright and early, but Andreas had no desire to leave our cozy bed and as it was his birthday weekend, I decided to let the boy sleep and will hopefully check it out next time we are in the city.  I hope all of you had lovely weekends!

If you visit Hamburg, we found a few restaurants I would definitely recommend:
Le Kaschemme
a darling little restaurant off the Repperbahn where we enjoyed a bite to eat and caught the last few minutes of Saturday’s soccer matches.
Gröniger Braukeller
a brewery with a “brew-cellar” with a good pilsner, dates back hundreds of years and was a very lively and unique place to stumble upon.
The Bird
We have heard lots of good things about the amazing hamburgers at The Bird here in Berlin and I remembered seeing they also had a location in Hamburg.  When Andreas said he wanted a steak for his birthday dinner, I knew just the place.  I rarely eat meat, but I had to try their burgers and was definitely not disappointed.  Plus anywhere that serves Corona gets extra points in my book :)