Elderflower Prosecco sorbet?  It was FREEZING outside, but it was delicious.

After a week of gorgeous spring weather it seems that winter has returned :( Saturday had the craziest weather, one moment it was cold, but sunny and 5 minutes later it was HAILING.  Mid hail storm we ran back to our apartment to grab an umbrella and in the few moments we were inside, the wind and hail stopped and the sunshine returned.  It was completely bizarre. We went to our first soccer match here in Berlin at Olympia Stadium, where Berlin lost badly and we froze our bums off, but had a great time nevertheless. (some photos on my instagram here because apparently SLR cameras could be used as a weapon? they are sometimes allowed, sometimes not- I didn’t even try this time)  Sunday was spent making a tour of Berlin Flohmärkte (we hit up FIVE flea markets) looking for some amazing new things for our apartment, and I learned two things: 1) Andreas and I have very different taste in furniture and 2) we need to get out of the house way before 12 to beat the crowds and snag the good pieces.  Even though we came home empty handed it was fun to be explore and visit some new parts of the city.

How was your weekend?  I am already looking forward to the upcoming long Easter weekend visiting family and friends in the South of Germany and hoping spring will return in time for our trip, the Black Forest is especially beautiful in the spring.

In Case you are interested, here are the flea markets we visited:< Arkonaplatz Flohmarkt in Mitte **
Mauerpark Flohmarkt in Mitte 
Boxhagenerplatz Trödelmarkt in Friedrichshain **
RAW Flohmarkt in Friedrichshain
Nowköln Flea in Neuköln