<family portrait :)  it should be noted that Andreas is sitting down as I am standing in heels and we are the same height.<Little Hazel had her first taste exploring the city this weekend, including trips on the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Street Trams and she rode them all like an old pro.  She slept through most of the rides, and while she is super curious absorbing all the new sights – new people, places and other pups, she is pretty calm and collected.  Overall our first week with her has been great, although honestly a really big adjustment.  We still have lots to learn about puppy training and any tips or reading recommendations would be SO appreciated.  I don’t really feel comfortable leaving her at home alone yet when she is awake, hopefully we can work on that this week.  We made a quick stop by the Slow Travel Berlin “Celebration of Creativity, Culture and Cuisine” yesterday held at Markthalle IX, it looked amazing and I wish we could have stayed longer to really enjoy the event.  

After a few weeks of cold weather here in Berlin, it started to feel like spring again this weekend and it is so nice to go outside without my winter jacket again.  I love how the moment the weather starts to warm up, people spill out on to the streets into the terraces and parks- it reminds me a lot of San Francisco, where on any sunny day above 65 degrees, the parks are full of people enjoying the day.  Towards the end of the week it is supposed to be even warmer, hopefully spring will stick around this time.
How were your weekends?  I will be back blogging more this week with some interesting travel posts coming your way :)  Stay tuned!