We have been pretty spoiled in the month of May with long weekends and mid-week bank holidays and amazing summer-like weather- it was a pretty good month.  This long weekend was another GORGEOUS one here in Berlin and we tried to take full advantage of the sunshine.  It was Karneval weekend in Kreuzberg and while sadly we missed the parade, we enjoyed the music, food and dancing at the Blücherplatz celebration.  It also might have been the greatest weekend of Hazel’s life thus far.  We took her to a puppy training group in the Grunewald (a forest at the Western edge of the city) and I have never seen her so happy (or dirty).  I carried my camera around most of the weekend, but somehow the only ones I really have to share are of our little girl, what can I say?  She might be crazy, but I love her. :)   I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

yes, that is a MINIATURE french bulldog- I had no idea they even existed.  He and Hazel are the same age, yet she is more than twice his size.  Seeing them together almost made my heart explode.

Hazel’s dirt beard- she LOVED getting dirty

in addition to dirt, she also really LOVES grass.  I hope this picture might make you giggle :)

I was too busy enjoying myself to take many pictures at the Karneval , but loved the video and photos on Smaracuja.