After a few busy weeks of work and travel, it was so nice to just relax this weekend with my little family and spend as much time away from my computer as possible.  We walked around the neighborhood with Hazel, went to my favorite farmers market in the city, checked out the Berlin Marathon’s finish line*, had delicious coffee and cake at Five Elephant in Kreuzberg and finally got to go on a proper date to celebrate our first year of marriage.  It is really starting to look and feel like Fall around these parts, which something I am welcoming with open arms- I LOVE Autumn!


* I couldn’t help but giggle that one of the sponsors of the event was a beer company, and Andreas told me that a German runners’ trick is to drink an alcohol-free Hefeweizen after a long run to replenish the body.  You learn something new everyday :)  Something about finish lines turns me into a total sap- someday hopefully I will run another half marathon, if only I could convince Andreas to join me…