reflections at Treptower Park

flowers Andreas bought me at the farmers market
He always shoots me a rose :)
It has been a while since little Miss Hazel graced this blog, I am sure you are all having withdrawls ;)

Here are a few random snaps from our weekend here in Berlin.  After seeing posters all over the city announcing the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest (German-American Festival), on a whim Andreas and I decided to check it out.  It was like most German festivals, except with American food & drink stands selling expensive soda and processed foods, a statue of liberty wearing a thong, huge printed Americana billboards complete with one of Mount Rushmore, and lots of rides.  I am slightly obsessed will all things carnival-esque so these types of fests are always lots of fun for me, even if they are incredibly cheesy and really designed for children.  We rode go-carts on a track that looked like it could collapse at any moment and the carts themselves were way past their prime, although that just made the ride both thrilling and terrifying :)

Andreas’s aunt is staying with us right now so we spent lots of time exploring the city by foot and visited Treptower Park for the first time yesterday which is lovely and super clean- which is a big plus when Hazel is around.  Speaking of dogs eating crap off the ground, Hazel ate an olive pit and a chocolate covered almond on Saturday, both of which caused her to be super sick, which meant a sleepless Saturday night for all of us :(  If anyone has tips about training your dog not to eat off the sidewalk, I am all ears!