I returned from a yoga and food filled weekend with sore muscles and a full heart, and even though I was exhausted from lack of sleep I am feeling totally rejuvenated. Some how time seemed to be on fast forward, but I tried to cherish every moment of the amazing yoga practice – John Friend is incredible and such an inspiring teacher.

I had an hour between my last yoga class and catching the train home and returned back to Nica and Didier’s just in time for an incredible 4th of July hamburger picnic at the Chateau. Yes, I worked my tail off all weekend to finish it off with a hamburger. damn straight. and it was amazing. Thank you Nica!
for the record, this was my third hamburger in the last 10 years (maybe longer) and while I have never really been a big burger fan, these may have converted me over to the dark side.

Somehow I feel like I always end up going back to the same places when I visit Paris. When I lived there, I found my favorite places to eat and always need to get my fix when I am back in the city- this trip we made it a goal to try new eats during my couple hours of lunch break each day. We hit up Al Taglio in the 11th- and will definitely be adding it to my list of favorites. Potato and truffle cream pizza and the pumpkin and bacon pizza = amazing.

Al Taglio
2 Bis Rue Neuve Popincourt

75011 Paris
01 43 38 12 00
Subway: Oberkampf

and Nica got the most perfect Amorino cone I have ever seen.
So basically my weekend was filled with yoga and food :) and a little shopping in between. Hope you all had a great weekend and showed some patriotic spirit for me!