Just a couple snapshots from Saturday afternoon in Strasbourg, we strolled through the streets, hung out by the river, had a dinner date and saw the fighter (I know, we are a bit behind the times here in Europe, but what a great movie!!).  We mixed things up a bit from our typical days in the city, finding a new spot by the river to sit and people watch (although I still love our usual picnic spot), tried a new sushi restaurant, and I showed Andreas the movie theater I used to go to before I met him (watching movies solo on Sunday afternoons).  The city felt new again, and I loved it.  I realize now, after two and a half years living here, the excitement that comes with living somewhere new and foreign has started to fade.  It all feels a bit too comfortable to me, sometimes it is easy to forget not only how far away I live from my home in California, but also how lucky I am to be here and experience this life.  I have set some new goals for spring to get out and explore and try some new things whatever they might be.

On Sunday I drove with two girlfriends through the Black Forest to Solemar, a spa in Bad Dürrheim.  We had heard great things about the Salzgrotte, a room made entirely of salt, where you sit and relax wrapped up in a blanket for 45 minutes.  It is supposedly great for the skin and lungs and very therapeutic.  I found it to be a nice 9€ nap and not quite sure what all the hype was about.  Their thermal baths and Schwarzwald sauna are fantastic, with a variety of different saunas and steam rooms with different aromas and temperatures, although as a warning, like most (or all) saunas in Europe they are co-ed and nude, so definitely not a place for the modest.  ;)

I hope your weeks are all off to a good start!