some random weekend shots
we started letting Hazel in our bed in the morning and our family cuddles (and extra hour of sleep) have become my favorite part of the day
my dear friend Mary made a surprise trip to Berlin over the weekend and we spent Saturday afternoon lounging at the park soaking up the sun.we watched the first German game of the European Cup at Ponte Rosa in Kreuzberg.  I love that (almost) everyone becomes a soccer fan when the German national team plays :) and the energy is so contagious!a silly hazel mid sniff on the s-bahna lazy sunday afternoon stroll through the TiergartenNot pictured was the rooftop birthday party I attended on Saturday night with Mary where the number of languages being spoken made not only my head spin, but make me feel pretty stupid.  Since moving to Berlin, my german has sadly become quite rusty as I speak so much more english here!  Being surrounded by people who can speak more than two languages completely fluently and seamlessly switch between two or more languages in a conversation makes me realize I really need to get back in german classes asap!I hope all of you had great weekends too!  My only complaint is that it went by WAY too fast!  But I could NOT be more excited about the weeks ahead: we are spending a few days in Amsterdam, two of my best friends will be in Berlin for a week and I am taking a short trip to Copenhagen for a very exciting project.  In addition, I also have some super fun jobs this month.  This might just be the best summer ever!