Nica and Didier came out from Paris on Friday night for a short little getaway from city life and to enjoy some of the German countryside.  We rented them bicycles and rode to Ortenberg Castle and Nica made it without one accident (she was a natural!) and with only one scolding from a cranky German bike-riding grandma.  ;)  Sadly the weather had other plans for us and it started to rain right as we were gearing up for the ride back to town.  Our men, being the amazing gentlemen that they are, raced back to the house and came back with the car so we could drive home and stay dry (I know, we are both really spoiled).  The rest of the day was spent in Baden Baden at the thermal baths and we finished off the night with an intense game of Rummy.

A lovely Saturday with lovely people.  I feel ridiculously blessed to have such amazing friends only a short train ride away.  I cannot wait for their wedding in July, we will celebrate on a boat ride on the Seine, surely it will be incredible!