Our vacation is suddenly half way over :( although it seems to have flown by, the last week has been filled with amazing time with my family. I surprised my nana by joining the rest of my family for her 95th birthday celebration in North Carolina- I have never seen her so happy and I felt so lucky to have been able to be there.

My brother and I flew to Boston to meet up with Andreas and we spent a day cruising around the city during a crazy heatwave. We were so grateful for the abundance of air conditioning every where we went, which is definitely not the case in Europe and makes the heat so much more bearable.

Now we are on Cape Cod at my family’s little lakeside cottage where we: waited for the basically non-existent hurricane earl playing monopoly and drinking sangria, discovered bats have decided to take up residence in our basement, played some late night putt putt and are spending our days eating and laughing until our bellies hurt. i love my family and i love cape cod.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend too! I have lots more pictures and stories to share soon.