A random sprinkling of images from our trip, which went by WAY too fast, but was amazing nevertheless. We lounged around at the beach(es), quickly acquired sunburns (oops! poor andreas’s feet!!) rented a scooter and scooted up the coast discovering a “secret” beach off a dirt road, caught up on a very neglected book, ate lots of pizza and had gelato at least once every day (hey! it was hot!).

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect in Sardinia as I found cheap tickets and just booked them thinking it would be an adventure to go somewhere I knew nothing about, and it was. I imagined the island to be WAY smaller than it really was and couldn’t help but laugh that the giant mass of land we flew over for atleast 30 minutes was in fact Sardinia. We decided on traveling to the east coast because it sounded to be less developed and therefore I thought less-touristic, and although it wasn’t swarming with guide book toting tourists, it was still a bit too touristic for my taste. I guess I was spoiled a few years back when a girlfriend and I hopped off the bus on the West coast of Italy as the only tourists in a tiny beach town with the some of most amazing pasta and seafood I have ever had – I was kind of trying to recreate that experience for Andreas (he had never been to Italy). Regardless, Villasimius was really charming, the sea was like a giant bath and SOOOO clear and the people were super nice- we stayed at a freshly opened hotel and I think we were the first people to ever stay in our room. :)
We had to pull ourselves away from the beach, but we returned home to the land of cornfields and reality totally rejuvenated and with a nice little tan to boot!
oh and smarty ashley here booked a bright and early doctors appointment this morning to bring me right back down to reality where they put me through lots of fun tests for over 3 hours all to finally tell me I am lactose intolerant. joy! good thing I got my fill of cheese and ice cream this weekend ;)