Definitely had a bit of a travel bug lately and while i am happy to have the next month free of any planned trips and just take some time to relax and enjoy spring at home, i think after that i will be itching to hit the road again. So lucky to have a man who is open to go anywhere with me and who makes an excellent travel companion. Hopefully planning a trip to Croatia in July with another one of my favorite travel buddies, a country i really know nothing about, except that the photos i have seen look lovely. looking forward to doing some research and exploring a new place to fall in love with.

Thinking this map from you me and the royal we is fantastic and would look oh so nice on our wall and definitely loving the color coded pins for where you are, where you’ve been and where your headed…. maybe i will hunt down a vintage map and create one of our own, although that probably won’t do much to calm my travel obsession… just so many places to see!