My mama is prancing around Cape Cod (photos of my favorite place above) with her bff and her daughter and I am DYING with jealousy! Finally summer has decided to come to Germany, but I so wish I was with three of my favorite ladies at the beach! 2 more months though, and I will be there :)
Patience is obviously not my best trait…
But we do have a lovely getaway to look forward to- remember when I was searching for a place to hop away to for the weekend?? I searched this great internet and right as I was getting discouraged, I found us dirt cheap tickets to Sardinia. Even though I knew pretty much nothing about the island, I booked them figuring they were WAY too good a deal to pass up. So now I am doing a bit of research and thinking we will spend our 4 days there hanging in a tiny beach/fishing town just relaxing on the beach doing a whole lot of nothin. Has anyone been there or have any tips? putting all my faith in my new Sardinian travel book, but would LOVE some inside scoop!

looks pretty nice, right??
Sardinia images here