To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of television but somehow I find myself smitten with a couple German TV shows: Bauer sucht Frau (a farmer dating show- which surely needs an entire blog post dedicated to it) and The Voice of Germany.  Knowing that they film the live shows for The Voice of Germany in Berlin, I randomly signed us up for their mailing list for tickets; although of course the night they went on sale I forgot all about it and by the time I remembered, they were all sold out :(

Last Friday morning after an epic 2 hour skype call with two of my girlfriends in San Francisco, I got an email saying there were a handful tickets available for the nights taping of The Voice, and since our night’s plans involved building furniture and a trip to Ikea (I know, WILD!), I ditched our hot ikea date and got us two tickets.  It ended up being really fun, Andreas was on TV a couple times and even though my hands hurt from clapping for 4 hours straight, there are some really talented singers competing and I loved it.  After the show I realized that out of the 12 contestants who sang on Friday, 3 of the singers were American expats and it just so happens my favorite is one of those 3.  Watch the video and you will definitely see why he is my fave :)

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! We did make it to Ikea on Saturday and I now know never to go to Ikea again on a Saturday- it was complete madness.  We probably should have turned around when we drove into the parking lot and it was completely full.  Although I suppose it was worth it, our flat is a whole lot more live-able now and we finally unpacked our clothes and finished building our closet. That’s right, closet. Because German apartments don’t have closets, so we have the biggest wardrobe ikea sells and it was a total nightmare to rebuild after we moved it to Berlin. A bit of advice, if you want to keep your sanity, do NOT buy a pax wardrobe from ikea. Thankfully after a week of pain, it is finally finished and filled with clothes – no more rifling through boxes each morning to get dressed :)  Major upgrade!