Lindsey spoke about managing life and blogging.  It has been a struggle for me since I started working from home to stay focused and I am now trying to make more of an effort to use my time wisely and be more productive.  Also, one day per week I will completely unplug- no tweeting, emails or blogging.  I am not sure I can stay away from Instagram though…tweeting the best quotes from each speaker with the #hive12 hashtagI found Marika to be incredibly inspiring and she was super charming too.  She shoots stunning street style photography in her home Bratislava for her blog Tonbogirl and has great personal style as well.Emily gave a wonderful presentation about creating a great DIY, which is something I knew nothing about beforehand.  The conference brought Emily and I together and now I am planning a trip to Dublin to visit her!<Andreas brought Hazel by after lunch on Sunday to meet the girls and she LOVED all the attention she got.  She was even featured by Nicole and Lindsey on their blogs!
Hazel & Me by Lindseythe sweetest (& cutest) sisters in town- Thea and Toni from Sister MagAnne from Prêt à Voyager color-coordinated her trip to Berlin AND she matched her dress to her presentation slides.  I loved her pops of neon!  She spoke about blog etiquette and dealing with negative feedback and you can see her slides here.cake disguised as a muffinI am so thankful for the Hive and all the amazing people I met there!  A huge thank you to Yvonne, Peggy and Radostina for organizing and for all the hard work they put into the conference.  I am already anxiously awaiting Hive 2013, and in the meantime planning some more blogger meet-ups!  Any Berlin or Germany based bloggers interested in organizing or attending a meet up, please let me know!