I have so much to share about the Hive Conference, I am not even quite sure where to start.  I opted not to write the world’s longest blog post, so it appears this will just be “the hive week” here on Chasing Heartbeats.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous to meet these super talented and creative bloggers, not knowing what to expect- and you know what?  They were all even more lovely, creative and interesting in person than they are online.   There were several bloggers who I had been tweeting and emailing back and forth for what feels like years and finally meeting them in person felt natural and as if we had been friends for years- which is amazing.  Maybe because what I do is so foreign to most of my friends, being surrounded by people who not only “get” what I do, but who are also incredibly supportive and inspiring was both comforting and incredible.  By the end of the weekend, I felt like I made some lasting friendships, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and I started planning some exciting new collaborations- I can’t wait to see what the future will bring :)

Nicole  |  Alex  |  Emily  |  Me  |  Lindsey | Brittany  |  Anne

The oh so lovely sisters from Sister Mag who are not only beautiful, but well spoken and smart!  Lindsey and I begged Thea to get her Mama to make us a skirt like the one she wore on Saturday, and I might have also asked if I could become the third sister so I could get cute clothes made for me all the time.  (only slightly joking)Design Mom’s impromptu photoshoot with the ladies of Hauptstadt Mutti.  Not only is Gabrielle incredibly talented and creative- she has SIX kids and is so put together and chic- and on top of that, she is also super nice and she is a big Beyonce fan too :)  Her presentation on the business of blogging inspired everyone to make our blogs bigger and better.Brittany‘s business cards!  I totally took a stalker photo of her bag :)  That “book” spine you see is actually her computer cover- sneaky and awesome :)Jeanette’s photography is absolutely stunning, she spoke about online magazines and if you haven’t checked hers out already, do it now.  It is absolutely gorgeous.
a cardboard digital camera from IKEA were gifts for the speakersSadly I didn’t take too many pictures from the first day…. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!