I know that most of us were feeling a bit left out when the blog world went totally ALT-summit crazy in January, and I know I wasn’t the only one who was wishing we had something similar here in Europe. When Brittany tweeted me last month about The Hive right after it was announced, I hadn’t heard much about it and she was the only blogger friend I knew who was attending…  nevertheless, I snatched up a ticket during their early bird sale before I left for California, because really, how could I pass up a blogging conference here in my adopted home city?  Now to my delight many of my favorite european bloggers/friends are not only attending, but speaking too!  I am SO looking forward to the weekend and finally meeting some of my favorite blog friends, you should really join the party and come to Berlin, and obviously make sure to tell me so we can hang out too :)

Check out the weekend schedule here