– Cooking is way more fun with bubbles
– We sent our men to the grocery store to pick up a few items and they come home with 3 of everything on the list.  silly boys.
– bride and groom tea towel from my mama
– our men
– nica’s stuffing with a whole lotta butter
– braised turkey thighs have become an expat-thanksgiving tradition.  Cooking a whole bird scares me & they are impossible to find around here.  After 4 years, my German friends think the turkey thighs are a normal part of thanksgiving dinner ;)

Sadly no photos from the finished meal, but I guarantee it was quite a feast.

Just a few silly snaps from our preparations for the second thanksgiving of the week. That’s right, this year we had two thanksgivings.  As someone who almost never eats meat, I definitely got my fill of turkey for the year after last week, and now I am CRAVING vegetables.  The first thanksgiving was spent with an old friend of mine from elementary school who was traveling around Europe with her boyfriend, and invited us to dinner with their friends in Stuttgart.  Our friends Nica and Didier came out from Paris to cook up a giant second Thanksgiving feast for some German friends and in the process we made a huge mess in our little ikea kitchen.  I cannot wait to have an apartment with a dishwasher and kitchen where I don’t have to use the top of the washing machine as counter space.  One more month!!

I realized this was my fifth Thanksgiving living abroad, and even though we had double the thanksgivings, I couldn’t help but feel really homesick this year.  Creating new traditions abroad definitely help, but all the facebook posts of my friends and family back in California together celebrating made me miss them all like crazy.  At least my parents will be here in less than 3 weeks!  I think they might have to fill an entire suitcase with stuff for me and the boy, I might have gone a little overboard buying new winter clothes because I am convinced I will freeze in Berlin.

I hope all of you had a lovely weekend and my American friends enjoyed the holiday!