Every trip stateside we make, Andreas always asks if we can go to a baseball game, or rather any professional sporting event.  Finally it worked out that the giants were playing a home game against the dodgers while we were in San Francisco, which made for an amazing game with some of my best girlfriends and my brother and his fiancé.  Walking to the stadium, surrounded by a crowd of black and orange, we decided we definitely NEEDED some giants garb and ended up spending way too many dollars at the dugout store, although surprisingly they have some pretty cute stuff (albeit extremely overpriced).  $15 martinis, $10 beers, addictive garlic fries and a hot dog with all the fixins topped off a fabulous evening with some of my favorite people.  how did I live in San Francisco for a year and never go to a giants game before???  what a shame!

crappy point and shoot photos, please do not judge ;)

I also skipped over a week of our travels and will apparently not be posting in sequential order.  stay tuned for Santa Barbara.

it should probably also be noted that I am wearing andreas’s new hat in these pictures, because he was not wearing it (didn’t want to mess up the hair) :)  I look silly in baseball hats, but who cares.