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California Road Trip

If I am not working, 99% of the time I am shooting film. I find that if I am not taking photos for a job, I rarely spend the time in Lightroom to edit the raw digital files and I started crazily hoarding unedited raw files on my harddrive. It also meant that we would go these amazing places and the photos would never see the light of day. Which makes me sad. Shooting film also just feels a bit more soulful (even though writing that makes me cringe) and is a fun way to document the everyday. Like most years, we spent the holidays in California with my family. This year though we spent an extra week there and had the chance to actually do some exploring and lots of relaxing. Andreas and I spent a few days in Oakland and San Francisco, escaped to downtown LA for a night and another day drove up highway 1 for lunch at Nepenthe. Looking back through these images I get a giant pang of homesickness, I think no matter where I live, California will always have my heart.

scans by Richard Photo Lab

a weekend at the sea

Way back in July, we rented a car and drove back to Binz with my parents and Hazel in tow.  I am quite sure it was the best two days of Hazel’s life- that dog went absolutely bonkers for the dog beach.  As much as I love the lakes that surround Berlin, it felt really good to be at the seaside.  I didn’t even realize how homesick I get for the ocean.  Growing up a 10 minute drive from the Pacific might have spoiled me forever.


a first roll of film

I had been itching to replace my Nikon 35mm film camera with a Canon for ages, but somehow always made some sort of excuse not to buy one.  When one night I was cruising ebay and found a EOS 3 for super cheap, I impulsively snapped it up and had my dad bring it with him when he visited in February.  This was the first roll of film that I shot, and because I wasn’t even sure if the camera functioned properly it was a roll of 1€ film from the drugstore (I also had it developed and scanned at there, which is probably to blame for the wonky color).  Fortunately the camera seems to work just fine and I suddenly remember why I have always loved shooting film.  There is some sort of magic shooting film possesses.  Clicking the shutter and not being able to check the back of the camera and just trusting your equipment and exposure is refreshing. It forces you to slow down. I first fell in love with photography shooting film.  I actually didn’t even own a digital camera until my second year of photo school, because we only shot film for the first year.  Also, and this might age me, but digital SLR cameras were just coming out back then.  Then I fell in love with photoshop and by default and convenience, my poor film cameras started collecting dust.  These images are surely not masterpieces, but I am definitely being romanced by film photography once again and have started bringing my medium format camera along with me to weddings.  I am not quite sure I am brave enough to shoot exclusively film at a wedding, but huge huge props to those who do.  For now, I am loving leaving my digital cameras at home when I cruise around town so expect more film here on the blog to come.  Obviously it took me a while to finish this roll of film, with some images from one of the last snows of the year, and some from our trip to the Baltic Sea with my parents this summer, but forgetting what is on a roll of film makes it even more exciting when you get scans back.

french bulldog

This is what I wake up to most mornings.  Hazel and Andreas all cuddled up melts my heart.  I love my little family so much.

Thea and I location scouting at the Botanical Garden for the cover shoot for sisterMAG 7

more to come from our trip to the Baltic Sea soon.  We had the best time, but I am pretty sure Hazel had the best days of her life so far. :)  I have some video footage of her running wild on the beach I need to edit together, I promise it will make you smile.



Bruges Brugge Travel Photo

I know things have been super quiet on the blog here lately, but for good reason!  I have been mighty busy this summer and in turn have loads of photos to share.  Right now I am in the middle of wedding season and completely LOVING life, but today I finally got the chance to sift through my photos from Bruges.  When my parents asked me if I wanted to join them for a few days during their trip to Belgium, I immediately said yes.  Bruges has been on my list of places to visit ever since my dear friend Kala visited on her honeymoon and told me that it was amazing and I HAD to go there.  It was a super short day and a half trip, but I was totally charmed by the little city and could not stop taking pictures of all the buildings.  I don’t really know why I love brick buildings so much, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that we don’t really have many in California, but I always find myself drawn to them.  Hence there are a lot of photos of brick buildings in this post.

Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo The Half Man Brewery De Halve Maan

Usually when Andreas and I travel, I take the reigns and find a few places for us to visit.  This trip it was so nice to let my dad do all the work, and since he has become a total beer nerd in recent years, his must see spots all revolved around Belgian beer.  I for one am a big fan of Belgian beer, and it felt like such a treat after 5 years living in the land of Pilsner and Weizen. Sorry Germans, I am not a huge fan of either :-|  The first stop was De Halve Maan, the only brewery within Bruges and we toured the brewery, and obviously had to sample the goods as well.

Bruges Brugge Travel Photo The Half Man Brewery De Halve Maan Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Bruges Brugge Travel Photo Dutch Fries Bruges Travel Photo

During the very little research I did for this trip, I discovered a New York Times article recommending Chez Vincent and their fries.  It was certainly the most unhealthy lunch I have had in a while, but it sure was delicious.

Brugge Bruges Travel Photo

Before we took the train to Brussels, we stopped at Café ‘t Brugs Beertje, which my father tells me has one of the best Belgian beers selections in the world.  It is a really charming little beer bar, and the owner, along with the other patrons (a mix of tourists and locals) were really sweet.  My dad got there as soon as they opened and got us seats at the bar which made for great people watching.

Brugs Beertjes Bierboetiek Brugge Travel Photo Brugs Beertjes Bierboetiek Brugge Travel Photo

 Have you been to Bruges/Brugge?  If you have any other tips, do share!  I want to take Andreas back with me and spend some more time exploring the little city.

Last week I was the featured blog on Internations, click here to read a few of my tips for expat life in Berlin.  Internations is an expat network with dedicated pages for pretty much every city around the world, make sure to check it out as well!

Sesuit Harbor Cafe

Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis Massachusetts Cape Cod Photo

When my parents told me they had found a new favorite lobster roll on the cape, I was skeptical.  We are longtime fans of our local byob establishment, Friendly Fisherman, which has long been my favorite.  We stopped by Sesuit Harbor Cafe on our way to our house in Eastham after a flight to Boston from Detroit, where I had photographed Michael and Lindsey’s beautiful wedding.  I have to admit I was only half awake after our early morning flight, but the lobster roll (and the view) was definitely impressive.  I almost felt like I was cheating on Friendly Fisherman, but we made up for it by stopping by a few days later and stuffing our faces with fried fish and lobster rolls (soooo good).  Now as I type this, I wish I wasn’t 3000 miles from Dennis, MA, because I am craving a lobster roll like nobody’s business. :(  Maybe I can find a way to get back to Cape Cod before next year, fingers crossed!

Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis Massachusetts Cape Cod Photo Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis Massachusetts Cape Cod Photo Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis Massachusetts Cape Cod Photo Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis Massachusetts Cape Cod Photo Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis Massachusetts Cape Cod Photo Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis Massachusetts Cape Cod Photo

Paris in Autumn

Paris Travel PhotographyParis-Sacre-Coeur-PhotoParis Travel Photography Paris Travel PhotographyA few random images from my trip to Paris back in October which never made their way on to the blog.  We are flying to Paris bright and early tomorrow morning for a couple jam-packed days of work and play and I cannot wait!  Paris is quite stunning in autumn, but with the warmer spring weather I think we will be in for quite a treat!  That Parisian light is always some sort of magic.

Everplaces 2.0 Video


A few months ago, I was contacted by the lovely people at Everplaces to create a video to celebrate the launch of the new and improved, non-beta version of their iphone app.  I have to admit I was incredibly flattered that they had even watched the videos I had made and posted here on the blog, and I was honored that they wanted to hire me to make a video for them, especially as I am a huge fan of their site and app.  Those of you who are regular readers will surely recognize some familiar faces, and as my friends are big fans of Everplaces (4 are Everplaces Ambassadors) they were perfect for the video.  I had a lot of fun making it, and I am so excited to finally share it with you.  If you haven’t already tried out Everplaces, download the latest version in the itunes store here, or visit their site, I promise you will love it.

A big thank you to friends who took part in the video:  Thea, Andreas, Lindsey, Bryan, Anne, Kristin and Patrick.  Filmed in Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and Eindhoven.

Music licensed through With Etiquette:  Take me Away by The Dimes

Colorova Pâtisserie | Paris

My trip to Paris was not complete without a trip to the darling new left bank patisserie, Colorova, which both Anne and Lindsey had raved about.  In addition to the incredible food, the design had me swooning and wishing I lived closer.   Apparently during my week in town the word had spread around the city about this gem and their delicious brunch, so make sure to call ahead and reserve a table!


Colorova Pâtisserie
47 rue de l’Abbé-Grégoire
75006 Paris

** and we obviously needed to stage an impromptu photo shoot when we realized Anne’s nails matched their SMEG fridge perfectly :)

Wine Bars of the 12th Arrondissement | Paris

Last month in Paris, Lindsey and I got the chance to go on a new Paris by Mouth wine tour in the 12th Arrondissement. Sadly I had a really nasty cold and couldn’t fully enjoy (smell or taste) the wine we tasted, but I learned a lot about some lesser known French varietals and had a great time nevertheless.  We toured the Faubourg Saint Antoine (another area I haven’t spent too much time in) and I will definitely head back to some of the wine bars we visited on my next trip to Paris.

For more info on this tour, and many other Paris by Mouth food tours, here.

A funny side note: When we arrived for the tour and everyone introduced ourselves, Lindsey discovered one of our tour mates was an instagram friend of hers who just happened to be visiting paris- oh how I love the internet!  Sara just moved to Rome and I am loving following her adventures in her new home city through her instagram.  She  was so sweet and invited Lindsey and I to come visit her in Rome- fingers crossed we can make it happen soon!!