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sisterMAG 11 Historical Beauty Shoot

The newest issue of sisterMAG launched this week and I was lucky to have been asked another beauty feature for sisterMAG 11. We photographed the lovely Elisaveta, the photographer and blogger behind the travel blog Fernwehosphy. The images accompanied an article about beauty trends through the 20th century and we photographed three looks inspired by Marlene Dietrich in the 1930’s, Brigitte Bardot in the 1960’s and Madonna in 80’s. Check out the story on page 16 or on sister-mag.com.

the team:  

Model: Elisaveta

Hair and Makeup: Lena Schleweis

Creative Direction: Theresa Neubauer of sisterMAG


sisterMAG issue 10 Beauty Feature

sister mag beauty feature

When Thea mentioned issue 10 of sisterMAG would have a theme of “König, Dame, Bube” (king, queen, jack) with a beauty section in the queen section, my mind lit up with ideas for a beauty shoot.  I recently moved into a new studio space and was itching for a chance to organize a shoot there.  I had been dreaming of shooting a window-lit portrait series inspired by a exposition of photos from Desiree Dolton that I discovered  way back in 2006 during Mois de la Photo in Paris.  Thea and Lena came up with the idea of styling some hats with some beauty looks inspired by them with the lovely blogger twin sisters, Nisi and Desi, from teeth are jade.  The girls are both absolutely STUNNING and photographing them for the beauty feature was so much fun.  Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot, check out the new issue of sisterMAG to see the entire feature.

sister mag beauty feature sister mag beauty feature

sisterMAG issue 5

SisterMAG issue 5

The Christmas issue of sisterMAG came out on Friday and I think it is their best issue to date!  The issue’s theme is “Childhood Dreams” and reading all of the wintery stories really got me in the holiday spirit, helped by the fact that it definitely looks and feels like winter here in Germany now too.  I was lucky to have been asked to shoot the issue’s festive cover and a feature (page 241) with my friend Brittany of The House That Lars Built in Copenhagen.  Also check out our “Lover’s Guide Berlin” story (page 283). Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot with Brittany, and make sure to check out the entire issue in German and English.

SisterMAG issue 5 The House That Lars Built SisterMAG issue 5 The House That Lars Built SisterMAG issue 5 The House That Lars BuiltSisterMAG issue 5 The House That Lars Built SisterMAG The House That Lars Built SisterMAG The House That Lars Built

A day in Copenhagen

I have been dreaming of being able to use Brittany’s beautiful paper flowers in a shoot since the first time I laid eyes on them!  So of course I was beyond thrilled when Thea asked if I was available to go to Copenhagen to photograph not only her flowers but Brittany and her studio as well.  Thea and I spent a quick 36 hours in Copenhagen and we had a very fun and very successful shoot with Brittany yesterday (I cannot wait to share the photos)!  Brittany’s studio is so colorful and inspiring and we commented it was as though we had literally stepped into her blog- a craft disneyland of sorts.  I also did a little shopping while we were there and filled my suitcase with some fabulous items from her etsy shop, if only I had been able to bring some giant paper flowers back on the plane with us.  Darn you easy jet and your 1 bag requirement!

Brittany was such a trooper modeling short-sleeve tops and skirts on a very chilly day in Denmark.

This plate from B’s Royal Wedding Collection is now proudly hanging on my kitchen wall, next to the Royal Copenhagen plate I painted at Blog’nhagen

This morning I woke up long before the sun to catch our flight back to Berlin and somehow in my very sleepy state, I agreed to run the Berlin Half Marathon with Andreas.  I ran one 4 years ago, but admittedly have not been much of a runner since then.  Oh man, not quite sure what I just got myself into….. eeeek!

I hope you all have lovely weekends!  We are off to the Black Forest this afternoon to visit family and friends and it will be Miss Hazel’s very first road trip!  Our little city pup is going to love running through the fields which surround Andreas’s childhood home, and I am looking forward to my mother-in-laws baked goods and catching up with a some old friends.  After a wild week of traveling, I am actually looking forward to the 7 hour drive south this evening and being able to relax and finally catch up with Andreas and hear all about his week.  Although let’s be honest, I will most likely sleep most of the drive.  :|

sisterMAG issue 4

The newest issue of sisterMAG is now live in both English and German!  I was lucky to have shot both the English and German covers as well as the coat fashion editorial and some new press images of the lovely sisters.  I had such a great time working on both features and I made a little video with their spoken editorial featuring some behind the scenes footage as well. Click for the English Version here and German Version here and my favorite way to read the magazine, on their very own iPad and iPhone app!

sisterMAG issue 3



The latest issue of sisterMAG was released today and I am thrilled to share the fashion story I shot (on page 166). Toni and Thea, the lovely sisters behind the sisterMAG, believe in creating a magazine that is relatable to all women and are therefore dedicated to having real women, rather than professional models, grace the pages of sisterMAG.  Somehow they convinced me to model for a story in addition shooting for the issue, and while I am flattered they asked me, it is so weird to see SO many pictures of myself, and I am quite possibly the most awkward “model” ever!  The latest issue is great, Thea and Toni are such inspiring women and their work never fails to amaze me.  Check it out here in German and English