My first job was as a bakery assistant.  I was 15 and started work at 4am on the weekends.  As I have never been someone who went to bed early, and I would never in a million years call myself a morning person- I didn’t last long at this job (less than a year, and I fell asleep on the bakery’s work table at least once).  My second job was bussing tables at a small diner in my hometown called Del Monte Café.  It really is a real life Cheers.  The same customers have been coming in every day (some of them more than once a day!) since Del Monte opened in 1981 (the building itself was built in 1901).  I waited tables on and off at Del Monte until I moved to Germany and loved it, and the regulars were definitely one of my favorite parts of the job.  Of course now we stop by at least once on every trip back home and I get to say hi to some of my favorite regulars- this time one of them was talking to Andreas about his time in Germany 50 years ago, it was adorable.
My friend Carrie’s family owns the restaurant and since she moved back to San Luis Obispo from San Francisco last year, she has been cooking at the restaurant on Sunday nights with an all southern menu- a night she has dubbed Sunday Suppers.  When Travis and Randall were driving through town on the Sunday night we were in town, we picked up a bottle of Kynsi rosé (my favorite local winery) and headed over for our fill of good old southern cooking and like we expected, it was delicious.

Del Monte Café
1901 Santa Barbara street
San Luis Obispo, CA

I shot some photos for their website 2 years ago and look on their contact page for a surprise (we took it as a joke, and they used it!) :)