Something you may not know about me, hot weather and I are not friends.  I melt, and it is in no way cute.  Sure I like summer, but really hot weather is not at all my idea of fun.  The East Coast had been suffering from record high temperatures during our time in North Carolina and it was H-O-T.  I had read a bit about the waterfalls and swimming holes in the area surrounding Asheville and we decided to check them out for ourselves. We cooled off with a quick trip to Sliding Rock, which is a giant natural water slide and it is as amazing as it sounds.  We might have been the oldest people enjoying the slide, but that made no difference to us :) it was perfect way to beat the heat.

Also, rest assured that this will be the first and last time I will post pictures of myself in my bathing suit. It hurts my own eyes to see how pasty I am – eeek!  :|

As much as I love my pale skin, I think a little sun might do me some good!