Well, it sure has been a LONG time since I blogged here. Weddings sort of took over after May and then poof! somehow it was the end of 2014. That is life. It was a pretty incredible year. I was looking through film scans from my trip home to California at Christmas when I found these scans from Sardinia. We planned a very last minute trip to Sardinia to celebrate my 30th birthday. Which was exactly what the doctor ordered. We rented a little fiat 500 and spent three days driving down the east coast of the island, stopping to swim and eat pizza along the way.  The wild pigs roaming around the beach still make giggle. I followed them around for a good 20 minutes taking their photos.  <3 Also, right now as I am cuddled up in a blanket next to the heater, these photos make me want to book a flight somewhere warm. I miss the ocean.

All images Fuji 400H scanned by Carmencita Film Lab