When my dad told me he had business meetings in Luxembourg during their time here in Europe I quickly figured out a way to join him, because: a) I have never been to Luxembourg and even though I knew next-to-nothing about the tiny country it sounded interesting and b) I love road trips and find any and every excuse to see more of Europe.
My mama, Andreas and me drove to meet up with my dad after his business meetings and of course since I took the day off from work to explore the city, it was nasty, cold and rainy, but we still had fun despite the weather.  Apparently Luxembourg City has the world’s largest crèche but we instead decided to spend our afternoon huddling by the outdoor heaters drinking glühwein and eating crepes at the Christmas Market.  Our our way back home, we drove to the little village where my dad lived back in the 60’s near the Luxembourg/German border outside of Bitburg.  The house he lived in for three years was still there and it was great fun to hear about how much had changed and his adventures learning German at the local pub.  He is convinced the German language is really not that easy to learn… and I am convinced he is crazy.
I found the mix of languages in Luxembourg fascinating-  I heard and saw a mix of French, German and English as well as Luxembourgish which seemed to be a comboination of Dutch and German.  It was a trip hearing so many different languages being spoken, I am always amazed by people who can effortlessly switch between multiple languages in a conversation.  For now I am just trying to speak two… and that is hard enough for me :(  One not so good thing I have noticed living abroad?   I see my English skills (esp. my grammar) are slowly getting worse, which is terrifying (and embarrassing).  Does anyone else have that problem from speaking with mostly non-native English speakers?  Surely no one’s fault but my own, but just another reason why I would need to (& would like to) speak more german!