so I guess I went a bit photo crazy on this post, but I took over 600 pictures in 2.5 days. Craziness. It was such an AMAZING few days and I needed to share the love.
Our days were filled with:
numerous riverside picnics,
amazing sandwiches & salads from Eric Kayser (be jealous Rade),
the Ellen Von Unwerth exhibit at Le Bon Marche,
an accidental visit to Deyrolle,
sitting on the floor as a perfect spilled beer target watching the big soccer match,
vespa “taxi” rides to the park for an incredible picnic with the most delicious roasted chicken of my life,
me deciding to sell my car and buy a vespa and obsessing over this for the last two days,
falafels from l’as du fallafel (where else? best falafels ever),
enjoying the most incredible summer weather and acquiring odd tan lines,
enjoying time with great friends who are just as silly and in love as we are so they too enjoy being sappy and ridiculous.
my heart is overflowing with happiness right now :)
ok, and now back to reality. :(