reason # 37 why i love europe

bank holidays! especially looking forward this long 4 day weekend we have coming… after the last few weeks of stressful work days I am SOOO ready to have nothing planned for four days except for spending each morning in a yoga workshop. hopefully the weather gods will decide to change their mind about the predicted rain this weekend, i could use a few days outside in the sunshine. maybe a bicycle ride? or two? or preparing my tiny little front yard garden?

Found these on my computer from random pictures I took last year on long walks near my home – I think we definitely need to get out and enjoy the beauty I am surrounded by and celebrate the end of winter hibernation!

evil thieves

Some evil person stole my favorite jacket on Saturday night. A jacket i was so happy to be able to wear again as the weather finally defrosted and i could say goodbye to my heavy winter coats. So sad :( Evil thieves. Well at least now i have a more valid excuse to buy a new jacket, and i might have just bought the leather jacket i have been drooling over for the last few weeks. oops. (shhh… dont tell my financial advisor, aka boyfriend)

oxford love

Normally the only flat shoes i wear are my converse, but I have been living in and LOVING my new oxfords I bought in Berlin last week and think i need another pair now. :)

clockwise from top left:
H by Hudson Virginia Ribbon Detail Brogue
Fiorentini + Baker Eternity Oxfords
Fiorentini + Baker 706 Oxfords
J Crew Camden Leather Brogues
Moschino Cheap and Chic Henry Oxfords
Bloch Wingtip Jazz Shoes

Found some inspiration in April’s German Vogue on this very topic highlighting Greta Garbo and her fabulous oxfords. love!

spring cleaning

Being awoken this morning by a stranger ringing our doorbell after far too few hours of sleep I woke up bleary eyed and needing coffee. Andreas woke up and started cleaning our apartment, I was lazy and wanted to lay around…. Although finally I decided I should take advantage of this monumental occasion of having my boyfriend actually begging to clean, sorting laundry, vacuuming… and joined him in a good deep clean of our apartment. Its amazing how dirty the windows must have been because looking out of them now is a whole new world. I think this will be the first time the laundry basket is actually empty. It feels good…. but lets see how long we can keep this up ;)
image here

So the music last night was amazing, which was expected… the hour before the music, not so much. Boyfriend is VERY German, meaning he is incredibly organized, good at planning and a bit of a worrier. All of things i am definitely not. Needless to say we are a good match and balance eachother out. So, yesterday I was feeling very prepared for our drive with my printed google maps driving directions right to the venue’s door. We left with ample time, so we would have a extra hour in case we got lost. Two things I do not think I would do without him, as I have a history of being notoriously late and pretty good at getting lost in a car. (on foot i have a great sense of direction, but somehow driving really mixes me up) Apparently the majority of Zurich is under construction so immediately my printed directions failed us :( after driving for a bit, i decided to turn on the data roaming on my phone which is SO expensive once you cross the border. Finally we were back on track with a little guidance from my faithful iphone and found parking and were there right on time. We found the street the venue (Schiffbau) was supposed to be on and the address i had for concert hall was an office building which was closed. fail. :( we turned the corner and found a theatre with the name Schiffbau “oh this must be it” we go to the ticket counter to make sure and the woman looks at us with that look of “you idiot” and said the place we were looking for was on the other side of the city and we could take a tram #4 there. Our hearts dropped a little, we marched down the hill to where the tram was and i googled the venue to find out where in the world (or Zurich) this place was. The website said, a short walk from the central train station. ” oh great we will get out at the station and walk.” so we did. i googled again and realized we were off the tram 4 stops early, a good 30+ min walk and by this time we were very late. Back on the tram once more and a bit more walking after an hour of hunting we finally found this giant concert hall named Schiffbau. Really? 2 places in the city with the same name? Well the music was incredible, we even got there with enough time to drink a beer and get a place in the very front of the hall.
I just love how humble a musician he is, or atleast he seems to be. Not really any commentary, just a hello, goodbye, thank you and beautiful music, pretty much exactly like the last two times i saw him in San Francisco.
The night turned out lovely- but i think we are finally going to break down and buy a GPS for the car and I am going to try not to think about the roaming charges on my phone i definitely will pay a hefty price for next month. It was worth it, and definitely an adventure which is what makes like interesting, right?


We’re off to Zurich for the night to see one of my all-time favorites Jose Gonzalez and to hear some beautiful music. Hopefully we can walk around the city a little bit and explore and take some pictures. I have never really been to Switzerland before, technically I have been in the country twice… once was in Austria where we snowboarded to the Swiss side of the mountain and the other time was in the Basel-Mulhouse airport which lies on the French-Swiss border and we walked across the border to our gate. There is a cafe at the airport on the border and on one side you pay in Swiss Francs and the other side in Euros and you need to go through immigration to cross the border, I thought it was hiliarious.

Anyway, I am dying to see some live music as sadly we don’t get a whole lot of good music coming through these parts…