carnival love

I have an endless love for anything circus or carnival-esque. Today we stopped by the Ostermarkt (easter fair) in a neighboring city, and while it was not too exciting it was a nice end to what was a truly lovely long weekend.

i am endlessly reminded of what a very lucky girl i am
holy hot dog – 1/2 a meter is serious food.

There were two American food stands- 1 selling donuts and the other “american” food: hot dogs and hamburgers. because obviously that is what Americans survive on. ;)

last easter...

I was prancing around Europe with a bff I have known since we were 5 years old, who I wish would come visit again soon :( It was 2 wonderful weeks of adventure, a road trip in a rented car, exploring an ancient city and laughter. I miss her. and the rest of my sisters in California. heartbeats.

somehow in a tiny club in istanbul we got a shout out to “the california girls” from the man in white.

shoe love

I stumbled upon these buckled wedges from Chloë Sevingy’s collection with Opening Ceremony and am in love… although the love quickly faded when i saw their price :(

I am a lover of all shoes that give me some height- on a good day I am 5’4″. Don’t get me wrong, I love being short – Andreas is TALL (which is a nice change, as mama told me most of my exes had short man syndrome ;) so for me, the higher the heels the better. Case in point, last summer at a wedding Andreas’s friend asked me if I bought my shoes at a store for “table dancers”. He was serious and I was only slightly offended at his referring to hooker-esque heels as a bad thing. (for the record, my shoes were h-o-t)
I suppose for now I will love these shoes from afar and find a “replacement” wedge. A girl can still dream though, right?


I fell in love with grilled romaine salads at Patrick’s in
Los Olivos, CA something like a million years ago.
Yesterday while perusing Epicurious for ideas
before I went grocery shopping, I discovered a
and decided to break out my cast iron grill pan
I lugged back from Connecticut in January
(they are SOOOO expensive here!) which has been
seriously neglected lately.
It was a bit of an experiment, but turned out pretty good and was
a lovely little Saturday lunch :)

not a great example of my food styling skills, and the cheese refused to be grilled and instead decided to stick to my pan…. but whatever, it tasted good.

head piece love

I recently hacked off a good foot of my hair, taking it from mid-way down my back to my chin. Over the last year I went from black to blonde and my hair was sad :( from all of my impulsive hair color decisions and lately I have been missing my long locks. Maybe its due to the fact that I have yet to get a great haircut with my short hair, but I need to embrace the change whole heartedly and I think rocking some fabulous hair accessories a la Blair Waldorf might really do the trick.

all from Jennifer Behr


Not really a big jewelry girl, I wear the same 2 pieces every single day of my life- a stacking ring I bought myself for my 23rd birthday and my nana’s (on the right in the above photo) locket with her emgraved initials- strikingly similar to this necklace:

maybe i could give the locket a few days off every once in a while?