Eats in Berlin | Glass Restaurant Opening

Glass Restaurant Berlin

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Glass, a new restaurant in Charlottenburg from Isreali chef Gal Ben Moshe.  The invitation had managed to end up in my spam folder so by the time I found out about the event I was in the middle of one of the craziest work weeks ever, and the evening was exactly the distraction from my computer I needed.  I took my dear friend Saleema as my date and I was thrilled to meet Suzy, who writes one of my favorite Berlin blogs, and her lovely friend Marguerite. While I do not pretend to be an expert in the food world, I have worked in my fair share of restaurants, love food and I do certainly know what I like and what I don’t.  Gal was so humble and soft spoken and even though it was the hottest day of the year so far and he had a table of press, he was so welcoming and lovely and didn’t seem at all stressed.  Our dinner was six courses, each unique and the flavors refined and refreshing.  The food itself is inspired by the city of Berlin.  The Stadtgarten dish with vegetables, flower petals and “dirt” was inspired by the community gardens at Tempelhof Field, and  the preparation of another dish inspired by unique curves in the architecture of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

6 courses are 45€ and 8 courses, 59€, the service (amazing, especially for Berlin standards) and the food felt so much more expensive.  The wine list is designed to be served by the glass, so you can pair the wine with each course, and we had a fabulous “wild” carignan, a very small production reserve wine from Israel.  The thoughtfulness and care which has been put into opening Glass radiates throughout the restaurant and every dish they serve.  While we rarely venture west to Charlottenburg for dinner, I will definitely be back soon with Andreas.

Glass Restaurant Berlin Photo

Glass Restaurant Berlin

Glass Restaurant BerlinGlass Restaurant Berlin Photo

Glass-Restaurant-Berlin-9035 Glass-Restaurant-Berlin-9036 Glass-Restaurant-Berlin-9037 Glass-Restaurant-Berlin-9039Glass Restaurant Berlin

Uhlandstrasse 195
10623 Berlin Charlottenburg

a day in Nantucket

In all the years I have visited Cape Cod, I had never made the trip to Nantucket.  This year my mama decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday a bit early while Andreas and I were on the cape and take the ferry to Nantucket.  The day we visited we were blessed with beautiful weather and since it is still off-season, the island was pretty quiet and free from the throngs of tourists that come in the summer months.  We spent the afternoon strolling the streets and exploring the incredibly charming town and later ventured out to Cisco Brewers to sample the island’s beer.  The brewery/winery/distillery has a lovely patio and we brought along sandwiches to enjoy with our beers.  Normally I am not much of a sunbather, but after our long winter, I was craving some sun on my skin and soaked up all the sun I could get!  Before catching the last ferry back the Hyannis, we had an amazing dinner at Black Eyed Susan’s, a meal I am still dreaming about.  It was such a lovely little getaway and I am already looking forward to our next trip to the cape and Nantucket.  Happy birthday Mama!!


An afternoon in Strasbourg

StrasbourgTravel Photo

This month has been a pretty busy one.  The traveling started a few weeks ago when we spent a long bank holiday weekend with Andreas’s family in the Black Forest, followed by a road trip to London (post and stories to come!) and we are currently in Detroit, Michigan for a wedding I photographed yesterday and will fly to Boston later this morning to spend a week in Cape Cod.  I think I might have perfected the art of living out of a suitcase.

During our trips south to the Black Forest, we usually spend our time in Andreas’s home village relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends.  This trip was a bit longer than usual so we had the chance to take the train across the border (a whopping 10 minute train ride) to Strasbourg, France.  It was really fun to be back in a city we both love, even if it was just for the afternoon.  We picnic-ed in our old picnic spot along the river, walked the streets with Hazel and took a whole lot of pictures.  The city is particularly lovely in the spring time.

StrasbourgTravel PhotoStrasbourgTravel Photo StrasbourgTravel Photo StrasbourgTravel Photo StrasbourgTravel Photo StrasbourgTravel Photo StrasbourgTravel Photo StrasbourgTravel PhotoStrasbourg France Travel Photo (8) Strasbourg France Travel Photo (10) Strasbourg France Travel Photo (11) Strasbourg France Travel Photo Strasbourg France Travel Photo Strasbourg France Travel Photo


May 1st in Berlin

Just a few photos from the first of May in Berlin.  Unlike last year at Myfest, our second May 1st in Berlin was spent walking around the city, stopping to meet friends at Holzmarkt and in Görlitzer Park with a quick walk through the festival on our way home.  After a long winter of hibernating, Erster Mai in Berlin this year felt like the real marker of spring and the upcoming summer and like always, it is a really special day to be in the city.

Police, Police, everywhere.  Mostly they were just hanging out prepared for the worst, which never came.


Olympus Photography Playground

Olympus OM-D Photography Playground Berlin

Olympus OM-D Photography Playground Berlin

Olympus OM-D Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Olympus-Photography-Playground-Berlin-016
Olympus Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Berlin Olympus OM-D Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Berlin

with lots of engagement sessions right now, my mind is constantly dreaming up shots of couples in love.  My lovely friends happily obliged me with some PDA :)

Olympus Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Berlin Olympus Photography Playground Berlin
Olympus is currently hosting a Photography Playground at the Opernwerkstätten here in Berlin, which is exactly what it sounds like- a playground for photographers.  Twelve international artists created installations in the 7,000 m² space with the theme of “Space and Art” creating a giant interactive exhibit.  Both of my visits to the playground had me feeling a bit like a kid in a candy shop, and took me back to my days studying photography in college where I was constantly experimenting and learning about my camera.  Olympus allows you to borrow and test out their new OM-D digital camera at the playground and then give you the SD card to take home with you, just make sure to bring your passport along so you are able to borrow the camera.  Half of the images above were taken on that camera by Andreas and the other half were taken by me on my Canon 5D Mark II.  Can you tell which are which?  The exhibit runs until May 24th and I highly recommend a visit for anyone in Berlin, whether you are a photographer nerd like me or a hobbyist, make sure to check it out!

Olympus OM-D Photography Playground
Zinnowitzer Straße 9 · Berlin (Sbahn Nordbahnhof)
11am – 7pm Daily until May 24, 2013

sisterMAG Issue 7

sisterMAG issue 7 cover Botanical Garden Berlin

The new issue of sisterMAG launched today and I am so honored to have photographed the cover at the Berlin Botanical Garden.  My friend and fellow sisterMAG photographer, Cristopher Santos, made a really fun behind the scenes video from the cover shoot, and I love it! Even though I always cringe a little seeing myself on film :-|  Read the issue online in German or English, or my favorite way to read the online only magazine, on my ipad with the sisterMAG app.


Exploring Berlin | Botanischer Garten

Berlin Botanical GardenBerlin Botanical Garden Thea Sister Mag Berlin Botanischer Garten Cactus Berlin Botanischer Garten Cactus Berlin Botanischer Garten CactusBerlin Botanischer Garten Cactus Berlin Botanischer Garten Cactus Berlin Botanischer Garten Cactus Berlin Botanischer Garten

 A few weeks ago when it was still very much winter here in Berlin, Thea and I found comfort in a warm oasis within Berlin.  We were doing a bit of location scouting at the Botanischer Garten for the cover shoot of the new issue of sisterMAG (which I photographed and will be released in early May).  Spending just a short time in the warmth of the greenhouse did wonders on my mood.  We spent all of our visit exploring the different climates within the greenhouse, but I imagine the space outside in the surrounding gardens are beautiful in the spring and summer when they are green and blooming, it is a shame that during our visit they were still covered in snow.  We will just have to make another visit back now that it is finally spring!


Berlin Botanischer Garten
Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8
14195 Berlin

S-bahn (S1): Botanischer Garten


Berlin Mitte Spring PhotoSleeping French Bulldog Puppy Beach Bar Mitte Berlin Photo Berlin Mitte Spring Photo Berlin Mitte Spring Photo Berlin Mitte Spring Photo Berlin Mitte Spring PhotoOur weekend in photos, also just an excuse to post a ton of Hazel pics:

JR’s photo from his series Wrinkles of the City down the street from our apartment in Mitte

Waking up to these two cuddling makes my heart explode.  My phone is full of pictures like this one and on Saturday morning I managed to pull out my real camera to document the cuteness.

The rest of the images are from Sunday afternoon at the Park am Nordbahnhof and Humboldthain Park, which we discovered has some amazing views of the North part of the city from one of the World War II bunkers in the park.  This city never fails to surprise me.

Paris in Autumn

Paris Travel PhotographyParis-Sacre-Coeur-PhotoParis Travel Photography Paris Travel PhotographyA few random images from my trip to Paris back in October which never made their way on to the blog.  We are flying to Paris bright and early tomorrow morning for a couple jam-packed days of work and play and I cannot wait!  Paris is quite stunning in autumn, but with the warmer spring weather I think we will be in for quite a treat!  That Parisian light is always some sort of magic.


Feinkost Buecher Schöneberg Berlin

Spring’s arrival in Berlin was long overdue and welcomed with open arms, and it felt like everyone came out of a long hibernation and was enjoying the warmer weather.  There is something sort of magical about the beginning of a new season, especially spring as the days get warmer and longer.  In a city like Berlin it is amazing what a few days of sunshine can do for everyone’s spirits- suddenly people are smiling as they pass you in the street, shopkeepers are nicer and people seem to literally have a spring in their step.  We spent most of the weekend outside and soaked up all the sun we could, as no one knows how long it will stay.

Feinkost Buecher Schöneberg Berlin

Wochenmarkt Winterfeldtplatz Oliven

We met friends on Saturday at the Winterfeldtplatz Markt and proceeded to eat snacks from almost every stand there, or at least it felt like that.  It was my first time at the market there and I loved all the local producers and food stands, we will definitely be visiting again soon.

Flowers Market Berlin

Sausage Market Berlin Photo

Berlin Spring Photo

After an afternoon catching up with friends, we walked back from Schöneberg and randomly decided to go to the top of the Siegessäule.

Berlin Spring Photo

Berlin Spring Photo

Berlin Spring Photo

French Bulldog Bike Basket Photo

Hazel somehow forgot how much she used to love her bike basket and graced us with her annoyed face, which she pulls off oh so well.  what a diva.

Kites Tempelhof Field Photo

Sunday was spent riding bicycles and lounging at Tempelhofer Feld, along with what felt like half the city’s population.

Kites Tempelhof Field PhotoBeer Fries Photo

Beer and French Fries = an incredibly nutritious lunch at the Biergarten at Tempelhof, which was followed up with a scoop of ice cream from Erste Sahne.

Vespa Berlin Photo

And we finished the weekend off with an evening scooter ride to Charlottenburg where we randomly decided to stop at Aroma for Chinese food.  In case you are curious, their pork buns were AMAZING.

Vespa Berlin Photo

I hope all of you had great weekends too!  Inspired by my friends, Field Office, I decided to open a shop on Society 6 and am excited to offer more print sizes and iPhone skins and cases of my photos.  Check it out here!