While I am off preparing for the wedding, I asked a few of my favorite bloggers to blog-sit and write a bit on the topic of love.  Susan and I originally bonded over Strasbourg, my current home and a city near and dear to her heart, and I feel very lucky to have found such a lovely and supportive blog friend.  Her blog, Fleurishing, chronicles her love of France and all things French as well as her fabulous finds from the internet.  She also owns Nesting, an interior design company specializing in designing baby and children’s rooms, and surely when the time comes for us to grow our little family, I will definitely be enlisting her help!

The dress, the day, the celebration of  love with friends and family. It is a beautiful and dreamy time in life.  When I think back to my wedding in 2009, I am happy to say that the details of the day are a bit of a blur, and I look to photographs to relive them. What has stayed with me is the feeling of the day, and the joy and comfort that I felt.  Knowing I had chosen to spend my life with the man who was right for me…was, and is, an amazing feeling.  We are continually in awe of how our love has grown since then. I wish this happiness for everyone, and especially you, Ashley & Andreas, as you begin this beautiful journey together.