Ona Bags Brooklyn Camera Bag Photo

My search for the perfect camera bag has taken years. More often than not, I have my camera with me when I am out and about town, but the last thing I want is to look like I am carrying a camera with me.  For a lot of obvious reasons, most camera bags are not only ugly, but they almost instantly brand you as a tourist or as a nice target for thieves.  Frustrated with the lack of camera bag options, for years I have used (and destroyed in the process) giant handbags in place of a proper camera bag and my poor cameras paid the price of not being protected.

I was so excited when I discovered ONA Bags because I finally found a company who made high quality, stylish, good looking camera bags and I shared my love for the Brooklyn bag almost two years ago here.  My Roma camera insert got a lot of use over the last year, but the Brooklyn bag that Santa brought me for Christmas has pretty much replaced every other bag I own.  It fits my Mark II camera body and 2 lenses perfectly and it is so well padded, I never worry about what is inside.  Now I just need another one in black and my life will be complete :)

I am so honored to be featured on ONA’s blog as a part of their photographer profiles, check out the post here.

Ona Bags Brooklyn Camera Bag Photo Ona Bags Camera Photo Ona Bags Camera Photo

From ONA’s website: “In Swahili, the word ona (pronounced ō’na) means, “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes.” This is the essence of photography and style.”

Ona Bags Camera PhotoOna Bags Camera Photo

**all the photos of me were taken by my very talented, and very handsome husband, Andreas.

Also, my contributor profile is up on the sisterMAG blog!  I feel really blessed to have had so many great adventures working with sisterMAG over the last year.  Not only are they  truly amazing clients, I am lucky to also call the sisterMAG sisters dear friends.