I am still not quite sure how I discovered Kitchensurfing, but I am SO glad that I did!  As soon as I received the email that tickets had gone on sale for their Chef Fair to celebrate the launch of Kitchensurfing here in Berlin, I clicked to check out the events and was lucky to snag the last two seats at Lauren Lee’s Bibimguksu version 3.1 Korean lunch.  I am slightly obsessed with Korean food and was excited to try Fräulein Kimichi’s cooking and the lunch definitely did not disappoint.  Kitchensurfing is just in the process of launching here in Berlin after a successful few months in New York, and I love the concept of offering an alternative arena for chefs to share their love of food outside of cooking in a restaurant.   Kitchensurfing helps connect food lovers with chefs specializing in a wide range cuisines, click here for a list of chefs here in Berlin.  I love the idea of hiring a chef to come and cook for a group of friends; I am seriously toying with the idea of having a Kitchensurfing chef come cook our annual Faux-giving Thanksgiving feast so I can kick back and enjoy the evening without spending the entire day in the kitchen (although I do quite enjoy creating epic messes while cooking).

And man, just posting these images makes me crave some kimchi and korean food and it is not even 9am!  I guess I know what we will be eating tonight for dinner :)