I love long leisurely breakfasts with friends, it is one of the things I miss most about the US where I met friends for breakfast a few times a week.   Here most of my friends have different schedules, it is more of a treat.  Our breakfast at Kaffee Peijnenburg during our stay in Geldop was one of the best breakfasts I have had in ages.

me playing around with Thea’s camera, Thea and Anne.  Fortunately the cafe was not too crowded, because 3 bloggers at a table means 3x the photos of food and each other- people would have really thought we were crazy.

Thea had to explain to me what these “Hagelslag” sprinkles were, which are basically nutella in sprinkle form. I brought a box back for Andreas but I can’t really stay away from them, because they taste just as good as you would imagine. The Hagelslag paired with the fried egg topped with cheese and ham and fluffy bread made up our “Dutch Breakfast” and it was delicious, but huge (we shared one breakfast between the three of us).

Kaffee Peijnenburg
Heuvel 1b
5664 HJ Geldrop