I went a bit photo crazy in Istanbul and took over 1000 pictures in the 3 1/2 days we were there.  There are more to come here on the blog, and my favorites will have to wait to be shared until they are published somewhere else later this month :)
walking through the market surrounded by mountains of produce
the biggest kebab I have EVER seen
the beautiful bosphorous
gözleme – a turkish “crepe” filled with cheese which is AMAZING and no I did not eat two, one was Andreas’s but I would eat one right now, if i could.
I love that european men can embrace without the typical american back pat hug
walking around Bebek
brunch at Aşşk Kahve – right on the Bosphorus and also delicious
gorgeous antique textiles at Tulu
a boat ride on the Bosphorus was the perfect way to cool off
I first visited Istanbul two years ago with my girlfriend Courtney who came to visit from San Francisco right after I moved to Germany.  She had the idea to go to Istanbul, and of course I agreed, as I love a good adventure, but really had absolutely no idea what to expect.  We spent a week exploring the enormous city and both fell hard for the ancient metropolis.  Ever since that trip I have been itching to get back and explore with Andreas and I know the city will surely draw me back again (hopefully many more times).  We were incredibly lucky to be able visit Andreas’s best friend who is living in Istanbul right now for work, who we stayed with and who was an amazing tour guide showing us lots of local flavor.  The food, the people, the culture, the history are all incredible and I am already dreaming of a trip back.   
more photos to come later this week!