or more so the beginning of one and the end of another…. these first warm days of spring when every moment of warmth is so appreciated and gobbled up. It’s finally warm enough to wear my converse and ride my bicycle again which is definitely a cause for celebration! Coming from the land of eternal spring otherwise known as central california, I appreciate any true season. I love waking up to the world blanketed in snow; while everyone else complains about how much they hate the winter and all the inconveniences which tag along with the cold, i cant help but smile. And these first few days of warmth and sunshine after months of freezing temperatures bring such a sense of possibility and make me dream of picnics, bicycle riding, swimming in the lakes and all the lovely things long warm days can bring. But as always after a few months of endless overheating I am sure I will be begging for my scarves and mittens again ;)