a short and lovely weekend getaway in berlin. the forecast projected rain for the whole weekend, but we were spared and even blessed with a bit of sunshine, except for a brief downpour right before we left for the train station. i decided it was the city’s tears, crying because it didn’t want us to leave :(

Mini Ashley sized doors :) even in heels i think its just my size….

Asian food and a beer after a very early morning and long train= perfect lunch

oh how i miss living in a city. the art, culture, food, the energy of city life, walking aimlessly making new discoveries …. and so much more…. :(

Now i suppose i need to focus on all the beautiful things I am surrounded by now in our quiet little city: the forests, the lakes, long bike trails…. the warm months of the year are definitely the best here being able to be outside, please come soon spring!