Satish Kumar, former monk and editor-in-chief of Resurgence Magazine, spoke on living our passion, being happy and making the world a better place. His enthusiasm for life lit up the room.

Anne brought lots of tattly tattoos back from New York with her. I had the camera, obviously :)

I spent last weekend in Eindhoven to attend both Dutch Design Week and the Hello Etsy Conference with Thea and Anne.  Just as expected, we had a great time together and got the chance to catch up with friends and meet some new people.  Hello Etsy was inspirational and focused a great deal on achieving your dreams and helping grow your small business.  Everyone from Etsy was ridiculously nice, as were the speakers I got to chat with during Happy Hour.  The event was held in Dutch furniture designer Piet Hein Eek‘s beautiful event space which was furnished with some of his unique designs.  Known for his scrap wood furniture, Piet Hein Eek has turned a former Philips factory building into a stunning design space, housing his studio and workshop, a restaurant, and event space.  Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to visit his studio, but I am loving the photos Janine Vangool blogged on the UPPERCASE blog.  It was such a great weekend in The Netherlands, stay tuned for more photos from Eindoven and Dutch Design Week!

You can watch the conference online here – now, go get inspired!

On a different and more important note, I am so thankful to know my family and friends on the East Coast are safe and sound, but the images of destruction are completely heartbreaking.  Sending prayers and love to all of those affected.