Technically it is still Cinco de Mayo in my home state….. so I didn’t completely miss it. Yesterday I was a very very tired little ashley and the few moments I had free I was playing travel agent for my parents’ upcoming trips to Berlin and Paris. They’re a comin! Very excited for some house guests and family time :)
So I hope one of you had a whole lotta mexican food for me and maybe one little shot of Don Julio? What I wouldn’t do for a burrito … :( definitely one of the foods I miss the most, along with Pho, sushi, and the whole foods salad bar. I know there is a Tex-Mex restaurant in Strasbourg and several in Paris, but I am so damn particular about Mexican food I am scared of being disappointed. :( Courtney offered to send me a burrito from the Mission the other day, but I am pretty sure that would be nasty by the time it arrived so I’ll just keep on waiting. just seven more months till California…. perhaps there is somewhere in Boston to fill my craving? For now I will make some tortilla soup :) That usually does the trick to feed my longing for Mexican food, and maybe a trip to my favorite Columbian restaurant?

Andreas eating his very first Burrito on his very first trip in California :)
He will kill me for posting this, but I don’t care!
and fyi, I definitely checked out flights yesterday to fly to San Francisco for a long weekend (yes, I am aware I am crazy, last year I flew for a two day trip) …. Sadly they are $1000 which is a little too much to justify a desperately needed weekend with my girls. :(

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