I had been itching to replace my Nikon 35mm film camera with a Canon for ages, but somehow always made some sort of excuse not to buy one.  When one night I was cruising ebay and found a EOS 3 for super cheap, I impulsively snapped it up and had my dad bring it with him when he visited in February.  This was the first roll of film that I shot, and because I wasn’t even sure if the camera functioned properly it was a roll of 1€ film from the drugstore (I also had it developed and scanned at there, which is probably to blame for the wonky color).  Fortunately the camera seems to work just fine and I suddenly remember why I have always loved shooting film.  There is some sort of magic shooting film possesses.  Clicking the shutter and not being able to check the back of the camera and just trusting your equipment and exposure is refreshing. It forces you to slow down. I first fell in love with photography shooting film.  I actually didn’t even own a digital camera until my second year of photo school, because we only shot film for the first year.  Also, and this might age me, but digital SLR cameras were just coming out back then.  Then I fell in love with photoshop and by default and convenience, my poor film cameras started collecting dust.  These images are surely not masterpieces, but I am definitely being romanced by film photography once again and have started bringing my medium format camera along with me to weddings.  I am not quite sure I am brave enough to shoot exclusively film at a wedding, but huge huge props to those who do.  For now, I am loving leaving my digital cameras at home when I cruise around town so expect more film here on the blog to come.  Obviously it took me a while to finish this roll of film, with some images from one of the last snows of the year, and some from our trip to the Baltic Sea with my parents this summer, but forgetting what is on a roll of film makes it even more exciting when you get scans back.

french bulldog

This is what I wake up to most mornings.  Hazel and Andreas all cuddled up melts my heart.  I love my little family so much.

Thea and I location scouting at the Botanical Garden for the cover shoot for sisterMAG 7

more to come from our trip to the Baltic Sea soon.  We had the best time, but I am pretty sure Hazel had the best days of her life so far. :)  I have some video footage of her running wild on the beach I need to edit together, I promise it will make you smile.