can you find us??
You might already know this, but I am allergic to most tourist hot spots.  Seriously. I get a bit queasy, dizzy and anxious when surrounded by throngs of tourists-  and if you knew where my apartment stood, this would make you laugh since I live in the tourist epicenter of Berlin (and yes, I sometimes wonder why).  Usually when I travel I avoid most of the places in tourist books or soak up the landmarks as quickly as possible and then find solace roaming streets off the beaten path.

One thing that does not bother me is free tourist attractions- especially those that do not require you to stand in line. :)  So when I saw this post on Travels of Adam, I immediately made a reservation to visit the Dome of the Reichstag (the German Parliament building) for the following week when my oldest friend, Caroline, would be visiting Berlin.  I thought even if it wasn’t amazing, at least it would be free, right?  My expectations were low before our visit, but it beat paying the 13€ to go to the top of the Fernsehturm, which seems like a crazy amount of money to take an elevator.  Admittedly it was pretty cool, offered great views of the city and was informative- I said to myself several times: “oh that’s what that building is..”about places I pass several times a week.  The dome itself is quite picturesque, and was designed by Norman Foster after the capital was relocated to Berlin in 1999 after the reunification of Germany.  It does require a bit of planning, as you must pre-register all guests online in advance– but I would say well worth the 5 minutes online you will spend securing a spot to visit.
All these 4 days weeks in May have spoiled me, but I am so happy it is already Friday!  Do you have big plans for the weekend?
exploring berlin is a series detailing my explorations of my new home city.