This city has over 170 museums and I have to admit I have only had the chance to visit a handful of them, but my long standing favorite is C/O Berlin- International Forum for Visual Dialogues.  It was the first museum I visited in Berlin (the trip that made me fall in love with this city), and every visit back has been memorable and incredibly inspiring.  C/O is a photography museum housed in the old Postfuhramt (Royal Post Office) building, and the museum has shown work from the some of the world’s best photographers.  The old building and its peeling paint only add to the allure of the place- I always recommend C/O to friends visiting the city as I consider it to be a “must see” when in Berlin. My friend Alex and I attended a lecture there a few weeks ago, which if you get the chance to attend one I also highly recommend.  Have you visited the museum?  Did you love it as much as I do?

All images (except top image) are from my first visit to Berlin in 2007 from a Karl Lagerfeld exhibit “One Man Shown” featuring photographs and multimedia installations of his former boyfriend and muse, Brad Kroenig.  It almost felt like you were viewing someone’s diary, which was a very different showing of work than the Karl Lagerfeld show I visited in Paris 2 years ago at my other favorite photography museum in Europe, Maison Européenne de la Photographie.

exploring berlin is a series where I share my favorite places and explorations in my new home city.