On the way to the train station, I may have made Thea and Anne throw leaves up in the air solely so I could take some photos :) Being the lovely friends they are, they didn’t call me weirdo- I love fall.

a lovely light lunch at Ketelhuis with Anne

I loved these ceramics which are made by hand in Vietnam, and these gorgeous lamps made by a local Eindhoven designer.

Just a few photos from our time exploring the last day of Dutch Design Week in the Strijp S area of Eindhoven.  Anne and I were quite smitten with the former factory town and the old Philips buildings which are now the center of the city’s bustling design scene.  To be completely honest, I did almost no research before our trip about Eindhoven so I really had no idea what to expect.  Sometimes I prefer to travel that way, especially for really short trips like this one, because I feel like I am better able to form my own opinions about a place and I somehow absorb more.  Not sure if that is weird or not, but this trip it completely worked in our favor because we spent our free day just sort of roaming around, exploring and taking lots of pictures.  We were also quite lucky that the owner of our hotel also gave us some great tips for Dutch Design Week- thanks again for that, Hans :)

In addition to the fabulous offerings at Dutch Design Week, Anne and I stumbled upon two great restaurants in Strijp S, both of which I would highly recommend:

Radio Royaal
Ketelhuisplein 1
5617 AE
Eindhoven / Strijp-S

Ketelhuisplein Eindhoven
Ketelhuisplein 10
5617 AE
Eindhoven / Strijp-S