Last night strolling through Strasbourg with Andreas we came upon MY dog.  ok, so its not my dog yet, and technically this one in particular will never be mine, but it was my dream dog. a little white french bull dog with black spots, and of course as we passed the dog and its owner, I squealed with delight as my face lit up and my heart melted and I am sure they thought I was nuts.  Today we were walking along the river and chatting about life and how much we both want a dog.  And then I see these pictures.  I know the time is not right because we are both not home enough, have no yard and have a no-pet-policy on this apartment, blah blah blah….. but patience is as we all know, not exactly my best quality.

These amazing photos from Tim Flach brought a huge smile to my face and hopefully yours too.  These are from his newest book, Dogs, which I am adding to my Christmas list and which I am sure is guaranteed to brighten any day.

via my new favorite, TeenAngster