I carry my diana in my purse everywhere and usually forget that I have it… I finally developed the roll from the last few months.  A bunch of random pictures from our lives, although most of the time I ignore the focus setting- surely no photographic genius here in these photos….. but some lovely memories to share.

a few minutes after getting engaged.  in our swimsuits at the lake.  
Provincetown, Massachusetts from our whale watching boat.
andreas wanted to buy a baseball on our last trip stateside.  and he did.  says its “so american” but we have no baseball gloves to catch the ball.  think we need to take him to a baseball game. :)
randoms snaps from Paris.  day/night.
our colorful landscape on an afternoon stroll along the river.  leaves that change colors?  we do not have that in california.  we have 2 colors- green and brown.
and one from Basel Herbstmesse (Autumn Festival) where the entire city turns into a giant carnival.