As an early birthday present I bought myself a new suitcase as my DVF luggage had died a slow long death and needed to be retired. Basically every handle had broken off or gone kaput, but they had a very good life and saw lots of fabulous places. Quality and light weight were key deciding factors in my new luggage as I travel stateside at least twice a year and am ALWAYS the girl pulling stuff out (usually a giant stack of magazines) to get under the weight limit. While I already bought a piece from Titan (and Andreas bought a matching one- they were on sale & we are dorks) I am drooling over this luggage from Steamline Luggage. The new collections are coming soon and while most of these are sold out, they are totally stylish and affordable too. I am still in need of a carry-on for weekend trips………

discovered via Lake Jane

also brings to mind some fabulous movie luggage. Maybe someday :)