We spent a short weekend in london a few weeks back… the tickets were dirt cheap during an easy jet sale back in January and the flight is only an hour so I impulsively booked us tickets. The place I found to for us sleep near South Kensington, was fine except that we had twin beds which gave the feeling of a childhood sleepover which needless to say is not exactly romantic…. but definitely a good laugh.

We really had no other plans than cruising around the city by foot and exploring, which is one of my all time favorite activities. The only “must-see” in London for me was a visit to the saatchi gallery and left with the spark of inspiration I was desperately searching for.
Two of my favorite sculptures, a taxidermy camel in a giant suitcase and a huge beautiful heart:

This exhibit from Emily Prince was incredibly sad and beautifully showcased. Her project “American Servicemen and Women Who Have Died in Iraq and Afghanistan (But Not Including the Wounded, Nor the Iraqis nor the Afghanis)” documents the American men and women who have lost their lives in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through 5,213 sketches. Read more about it here