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view from the train

When we arrived in California we spent a short day shopping, eating and exploring with our friend Rade.  Instead of renting a car like we usually do, this trip we decided to take the train up the coast to my hometown of San Luis Obispo,.  Trains are typically my favorite way to travel because they are so relaxing, but before this trip I had only rode the train in California once- for my friend Carrie’s 13th birthday when we rode down the coast two hours to Santa Barbara.  Train travel in California is not particularly fast or convenient, but the views between LA and San Luis are particularly gorgeous and worth the trip alone.  Boarding the train at Union Station in LA gave the trip a bit of a old fashioned, romantic, feeling and the slow speed on the train definitely added to that ;)  I made a short little video of the view from our window on the Coast Starlight train, enjoy :)

to the black forest we go!

We are hopping on the train to spend a long weekend in the Black Forest visiting family and friends.  When we moved to Berlin, I never imagined getting homesick for the Black Forest, but I am really looking forward to catching up with friends, taking long walks through the forest, riding my vespa through the fields, eating cherry streusel from my favorite bakery and hopefully enjoying some spring weather!  It is the said to be the warmest region in Germany, so hopefully it will live up to that claim this weekend!

weekend in Hamburg

cake for breakfast :)
i loved all the old-school signage around town
instagram addicts

I planned a little surprise weekend getaway for Andreas’s birthday over the weekend, well I intended for it to be a surprise, but I have a really difficult time keeping anything from him and he managed to get it out of me.  I really wanted to plan a trip somewhere warm, but sadly there was a lot going on this week and it just wasn’t in the cards so we kept it relatively local, taking the two hour train ride to Hamburg and spent the weekend exploring the weekend by foot.  Andreas had visited the city a few years ago and for once it was really fun to have him lead me around a new place, as somehow I am always the de-facto guide when we travel.  Sometimes I find it fun to do absolutely no research before I visit somewhere new, and just wander the streets rather aimlessly to get a feel for the place.  This was one of those trips, and it was really lovely to have a weekend with absolutely no agenda and have the luxury of just wandering the city until we found somewhere or something that caught our eye to stop and have a drink or a bite to eat.  We did intend on visiting the famous Fischmarkt on Sunday morning… I woke up when the alarm went off bright and early, but Andreas had no desire to leave our cozy bed and as it was his birthday weekend, I decided to let the boy sleep and will hopefully check it out next time we are in the city.  I hope all of you had lovely weekends!

If you visit Hamburg, we found a few restaurants I would definitely recommend:
Le Kaschemme
a darling little restaurant off the Repperbahn where we enjoyed a bite to eat and caught the last few minutes of Saturday’s soccer matches.
Gröniger Braukeller
a brewery with a “brew-cellar” with a good pilsner, dates back hundreds of years and was a very lively and unique place to stumble upon.
The Bird
We have heard lots of good things about the amazing hamburgers at The Bird here in Berlin and I remembered seeing they also had a location in Hamburg.  When Andreas said he wanted a steak for his birthday dinner, I knew just the place.  I rarely eat meat, but I had to try their burgers and was definitely not disappointed.  Plus anywhere that serves Corona gets extra points in my book :)


a few instagram snaps from our weekend in Berlin.  Sorry for the blog-silence here last week, pretty much every free moment outside of work was spent scouring the internet for an apartment, it was madness.  The good news is that all of our searching paid off and we found a lovely flat to call home :)  The picture on the bottom left is the view from our new front door of the Fernsehenturm (TV tower) at Alexanderplatz.
We spent most of Saturday running from apartment viewing to apartment viewing and on Sunday morning with a bit of free time, decided to check out a flat in the most amazing location, even if it was a little more than our budget.  Of course we instantly fell in love with the renovated Altbau (it was built in 1918) and it’s high ceilings and giant windows. 5 minutes after we had turned in the application we got a phone call from the landlord saying that it was all ours and we signed the contract before our train ride home.  It was all in all a very busy but successful weekend and I could not be more excited about our upcoming move, Berlin is such an incredible city.

california i'm coming home

I cannot believe it has really been a whole year since I was back home in California!  I am so ridiculously excited to see my friends, family and my lovely little hometown.  Surely it will be an adventure filled 2 weeks and I will try and pop in to share some of it with you, my lovely friends/readers.  I hope all of you are prepping for a great holiday where ever you might be celebrating!We are off to the train station now to catch the train to Zürich for our flight to London this evening, and a night in London awaiting our flight to LA tomorrow.  If you follow me on twitter you saw that it was quite a morning… but crossing my fingers that our travels will work out better from here on.

listening to this song on the plane to the states is my little tradition and always puts me in the perfect traveling mood. :)

weekend in paris

A few random shots from the weekend….

SNCF, the French train company, sent me an email a few weeks back with deals that were way too good to pass up and I booked us tickets to Paris without even a second thought (being a 2 hour train ride away is a dream come true, I know).
Saturday was spent Christmas shopping with lunch at Al Taglio where they serve up amazing roman pizza by the slice, and while we were mildly heartbroken they were not serving up our favorite pumpkin pancetta pizza, the new ones we tried were delicious.  Afterwards, Didier gave Andreas a tour of the 5th and 6th while us girls hit up le Bon Marché and drooled over shoes and I tried to resist breaking out my credit card and buying myself any more Christmas presents.  We finished the day with a stop at the Champs Elysees Christmas market, Japanese soup at our favorite Palais Rolaye joint (and the fastest service in Paris), and a few games of cards with some wine and Christmas music.  Nica and I decided on a new mission- to uncover the best hot chocolate in Paris :)  Sunday morning started at Puerto Cacao where we sampled their fair trade hot chocolate topped with cinnamon, and picked up some more Christmas gifts for my sweet tooth family.  We tracked down ice skating in Vincennes, took heaps of photos of each other and then hopped back on our train home and another lovely weekend came to an end too fast, leaving me feeling so ridiculously blessed.

weekend getaway!

The bag is almost packed and we are on our way to catch the train to Paris for a long weekend filled with picnics, good wine by the seine, delicious food, a little shopping & lots of photos! We are staying with some very dear friends who scoot around the city on that vespa above. (I know, I am jealous too!) They are amazing and we are so excited for lots of adventure and hoping the predicted sun and warm weather will be a reality! I am in much need of a getaway after 2 months at home, I hope all your weekends are lovely too!