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Berlin Mitte Spring PhotoSleeping French Bulldog Puppy Beach Bar Mitte Berlin Photo Berlin Mitte Spring Photo Berlin Mitte Spring Photo Berlin Mitte Spring Photo Berlin Mitte Spring PhotoOur weekend in photos, also just an excuse to post a ton of Hazel pics:

JR’s photo from his series Wrinkles of the City down the street from our apartment in Mitte

Waking up to these two cuddling makes my heart explode.  My phone is full of pictures like this one and on Saturday morning I managed to pull out my real camera to document the cuteness.

The rest of the images are from Sunday afternoon at the Park am Nordbahnhof and Humboldthain Park, which we discovered has some amazing views of the North part of the city from one of the World War II bunkers in the park.  This city never fails to surprise me.


Feinkost Buecher Schöneberg Berlin

Spring’s arrival in Berlin was long overdue and welcomed with open arms, and it felt like everyone came out of a long hibernation and was enjoying the warmer weather.  There is something sort of magical about the beginning of a new season, especially spring as the days get warmer and longer.  In a city like Berlin it is amazing what a few days of sunshine can do for everyone’s spirits- suddenly people are smiling as they pass you in the street, shopkeepers are nicer and people seem to literally have a spring in their step.  We spent most of the weekend outside and soaked up all the sun we could, as no one knows how long it will stay.

Feinkost Buecher Schöneberg Berlin

Wochenmarkt Winterfeldtplatz Oliven

We met friends on Saturday at the Winterfeldtplatz Markt and proceeded to eat snacks from almost every stand there, or at least it felt like that.  It was my first time at the market there and I loved all the local producers and food stands, we will definitely be visiting again soon.

Flowers Market Berlin

Sausage Market Berlin Photo

Berlin Spring Photo

After an afternoon catching up with friends, we walked back from Schöneberg and randomly decided to go to the top of the Siegessäule.

Berlin Spring Photo

Berlin Spring Photo

Berlin Spring Photo

French Bulldog Bike Basket Photo

Hazel somehow forgot how much she used to love her bike basket and graced us with her annoyed face, which she pulls off oh so well.  what a diva.

Kites Tempelhof Field Photo

Sunday was spent riding bicycles and lounging at Tempelhofer Feld, along with what felt like half the city’s population.

Kites Tempelhof Field PhotoBeer Fries Photo

Beer and French Fries = an incredibly nutritious lunch at the Biergarten at Tempelhof, which was followed up with a scoop of ice cream from Erste Sahne.

Vespa Berlin Photo

And we finished the weekend off with an evening scooter ride to Charlottenburg where we randomly decided to stop at Aroma for Chinese food.  In case you are curious, their pork buns were AMAZING.

Vespa Berlin Photo

I hope all of you had great weekends too!  Inspired by my friends, Field Office, I decided to open a shop on Society 6 and am excited to offer more print sizes and iPhone skins and cases of my photos.  Check it out here!


at the Kollwitzplatz Farmers market– which might just be my new favorite place to spend Saturday morning and WAY better than the Thursday market :) thanks to Rebecca and Anthony for the tip! Strawberry Mint and Rhubarb sorbet?  i died and went to ice cream heaven.  normally I am strictly a fruit ice cream kind of girl, and I was obsessed with Andreas’s Honey Rosemary scoop.  my farmer’s market flower purchase- they make me oh so happy.   cold, rainy weather called for giant bowls of Korean soup at YamYam It sort of feels like I blinked and the weekend was already over.  It started getting caught in a crazy rain storm- and I realized that trying to carry an umbrella and a puppy at the same time is not such an easy task.  I also discovered that if I actually blow dry and style my hair, it will most likely rain. I hope you all had great weekends!  For once I am actually looking forward to the week to start- one of my oldest friends arrives on Tuesday and The Hive Conference is already this weekend!  It will be so much fun to actually meet some of my blogging friends in real life, and some new faces too!

may day

Berlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day MyfestBerlin May Day Myfest

The First of May is a bank holiday here in Germany as it is the Tag der Arbeit (labor day) and May Day in Berlin is celebrated quite differently than it is in the South where we used to live.  There it is a day to ride bicycles from village to village eating Bratwurst and drinking Maibock (a strong, dark beer made only in May- it is my favorite). Here in Berlin, May Day is a day of protests with a long history of riots as well, some are labor unions while other demonstrations are more radical.  We rode our bicycles to MyFest, which is a giant party in the streets of Kreuzberg and a peaceful alternative to the demonstrations which sometimes turn to into violent clashes with police.  You all know I love festivals, we drank a couple beers, listened to music, ate turkish street food and enjoyed the sunshine- all in all, a pretty amazing afternoon.

It now seems we are back to spring weather, but the little taste of summer got me so excited about the months to come- this city really shines when the sun is out.


a farmers market treat to myself :)

Andreas’s lemon-cinnamon sorbet from Hokey Pokey was amazing

Friday’s post reminded me of the AMAZING minted lemonade they serve at the House Café, my attempt to recreate it was not nearly as pretty, but SO delicious.

This weekend we skipped spring and went straight to summer- the weather here in Berlin was AMAZING, and it appears that it is here to stay at least through the week :)  We went to my favorite Saturday morning farmer’s market (the Boxhagenerplatz Wochenmarkt), on our first bicycle ride (to get ice cream, of course) and enjoyed time with the pup.  I decided that our mission for the summer is to try out all the best ice cream shops in town and find our favorite.  We made some huge progress in puppy training: we are actually getting some sleep again and we finally got the courage to leave her home alone for a couple hours (in a safe place of course) and she handled it like a champ.  And because I am more than a little obsessed with her, I decided that Hazel needed her own blog instead of turning Chasing Heartbeats into all Hazel all the time.  Check it out here.

I hope you all had lovely weekends!  How is tomorrow already May?!?!?!

to the black forest we go!

We are hopping on the train to spend a long weekend in the Black Forest visiting family and friends.  When we moved to Berlin, I never imagined getting homesick for the Black Forest, but I am really looking forward to catching up with friends, taking long walks through the forest, riding my vespa through the fields, eating cherry streusel from my favorite bakery and hopefully enjoying some spring weather!  It is the said to be the warmest region in Germany, so hopefully it will live up to that claim this weekend!

2011 in photos

I am posting this about a week late, but I had a great time looking through photos from the last year and thought I would share them.  Be warned, this is a very photo-heavy post.  Although I am sure you are probably used to them around here :)

We rang in 2011 with Travis Jay and Randall eating WAY too much delicious food and champagne in Santa Barbara.  Intimate New Year’s celebrations are my absolute fave.

We gave Andreas a proper (and very short) tour of Los Angeles

sent out our save the dates

traveled to Berlin to photograph a story for Matchbook Magazine’s second issue
< celebrated Andreas's 29th birthday in Karlsruhe watching fußball
spent a few lazy afternoons by the river in Strasbourg

took lots and lots of bike rides

sold my car and bought a VESPA!

went to Messdi and drank some schnapps

visited Istanbul and fell in love with the city (again) and wrote a travel story for Matchbook Magazine

we spent our summer exploring new lakes and appreciating our gorgeous region

went to Paris to celebrate Nica & Didier’s wedding

went to Santa Barbara to celebrate Travis and Randall’s wedding.  this was right before I gave my maid of honor speech…. on a stage in front of 150 people.  so so nervous.

I photographed my dear friend Kala’s new baby, Elaia.  She was one week old :)

my girlfriends in San Francisco surprised me with a bachelorette party on a boat!

we fell head over heels for Emmy Lou

watched the Giants crush the Dodgers

enjoyed the glory of summer in the Black Forest.  Late evening swims with our niece and nephew

went to the Titisee for my birthday

we got MARRIED!

explored Provincetown

relished in newlywed bliss

made our annual Faux-giving

freezed in Munich visiting Mary for her birthday.

celebrated our first Christmas together in Germany.  and then moved across the country.

all in all, 2011 was pretty amazing… but I think 2012 might be even better :)

Hope 2012 is off to a great start for you too!


Nica and Didier came out from Paris on Friday night for a short little getaway from city life and to enjoy some of the German countryside.  We rented them bicycles and rode to Ortenberg Castle and Nica made it without one accident (she was a natural!) and with only one scolding from a cranky German bike-riding grandma.  ;)  Sadly the weather had other plans for us and it started to rain right as we were gearing up for the ride back to town.  Our men, being the amazing gentlemen that they are, raced back to the house and came back with the car so we could drive home and stay dry (I know, we are both really spoiled).  The rest of the day was spent in Baden Baden at the thermal baths and we finished off the night with an intense game of Rummy.

A lovely Saturday with lovely people.  I feel ridiculously blessed to have such amazing friends only a short train ride away.  I cannot wait for their wedding in July, we will celebrate on a boat ride on the Seine, surely it will be incredible!


Yesterday we drove the vespa right to the French border and lounged by the lake for a few hours, it felt like summer and was glorious.

Other non-photographed highlights were:

celebrating Andreas’s grandfather’s birthday at one of my very favorite restaurants eating Spargel Flammkuchen (a super thin crust “pizza” with white sauce and white asparagus – amazing),

celebrating two years with the most amazing man I have ever met, at my other favorite restaurant where I ate more spargel/asparagus (it is in season right now, and really delicious),

& a 90’s music dance party, which simultaneously made me feel really happy and old, all at once.

oh yes, the German language finally brought me to tears.  I can’t believe it took 2 1/2 years to make me cry.

and also… yes, I am almost so pale that I am reflective. I wear a lot of sunscreen.