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Bell Jar | Gorgeous Little Things

Cydney’s pup Ace is the sweetest and most well behaved dog I know.  She loves Bell Jar too :)

While I was in San Francisco I was able to spend some time at Bell Jar, a darling Mission boutique managed by my dear friend Cydney.  It feels a bit like Anthropologie’s more stylish, and a bit darker, older sister… With lots of amazing vintage furniture, taxidermy, and gorgeous jewelry and accessories by local designers.  I fell in love and wanted one of everything they sell, and I drooled over the decor (I wanted to move it there) – that taxidermy peacock?!?  AMAZING!  If you are in the city I highly recommend a visit to Bell Jar and if Cydney is there, say hello and tell her I sent you!

Bell Jar    |    3187 16th Street (at Guerrero Street)   |    San Francisco, CA

california via instagram

I arrived in California determined to document my trip and have lots of photos to share, but unfortunately I got a nasty American flu on top of the German bug I had been fighting for a few weeks… and I didn’t get to take my camera out as much as I hoped, due to the fact that I spend two of my days at home in bed watching bad American TV with my mama.  And somehow I have become obsessed with this season of the bachelor, Courtney is so cray cray.   I did manage to capture a bit of my travels with my iPhone- and now looking back at these I am  realizing most of what I shared was food I ate and my best friends’ dogs.  Although they also happen to be a couple of my favorite things :)  and I could really go for some of that frozen yogurt right now….

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from the top  (left to right)
St. Francis potato thing on my first morning in San Francisco.  potatoes covered with salsa + cheese?  amazing.
Flying business spoils me every time… but I always want to enjoy my time there and never sleep very much, which totally defeats the purpose of flying business.
frozen yogurt with berries and mochi.  yumm yumm and yumm.
one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen in the city.
ace & me, cyda and ace.
i joined my friend alissa to ceramics lab at her college and pretended i was a student.  i used to be pretty good on the wheel, and even debated majoring in ceramics instead of photography… but now i really need some practice.
travis, randall and sickie moi in santa barbara.
emmy lou is a really crazy dog.  but so damn cute.
travis jay and i playing with his new computer.
emmy lou at the beach.
winter on california’s central coast.  not bad, eh?
my idea of heaven.  salsa bar.
breakfast my sister in law made me and my brother when we were sick with the flu.  she is amazing.
an la sunrise on our way out of town.
post office boxes made me want to get a post office box, or find a way to buy these and put them in my house.

film swap

Amidst all of the wedding hoopla, I never got around to posting my film swap photos!  This was the second year I took part in Rhianne’s Photoswap, where I sent an un-developed roll of film for my partner to develop, and I received their film in return.  I carried my trusty Diana mini camera around with me for months, and whenever I remembered I had it, I would try and snap a few photos. I am the absolute worst about setting the exposure and focus on the little plastic camera, so my rolls of film are always quite interesting…. this particular roll had some pictures from San Francisco, Paris, Munich, Strasbourg and lazy summer days here in the Black Forest and it brings back all the great memories of summer :)

more photos from It’s A Photoswap 2011 in the Flickr Group

bachelorette #1

While we were in San Francisco, some of my friends threw me a surprise Bachelorette party.  We cruised around the bay on a sailboat drinking champagne and were treated to dinner by my friend Carrie (who is an amazing cook) all while wearing the super chic life-vests the captain required us to wear :)  We were also lucky enough to be joined by our friend Julie who photographed the evening for us, so we have fabulous photos to remember the trip  (talented friends are the BEST!).
After the sailing trip, we went back to Courtney’s house where they had covered the walls in photos from our 20 years of friendship.  We laughed until we cried at all of our crazy adventures over the years and at some of the very questionable fashion choices and hairstyles we all fell victim to (the 90’s were rough).  It was a fabulous evening with amazing friends, who despite the distance continue to be an incredibly supportive extended family who I am extremely thankful to have in my life.

photography by Julie Bullock

puppy love in san francisco

Our time in San Francisco was short, but filled with time with some of my favorite people in the whole world.  We saw the giants win, my girlfriends threw me a bachelorette party (pictures to come soon), the weather was amazing, I stuffed my face with all the mexican food I could get my hands on, and i fell madly in love with my friends’ dogs.  It was an amazing three days.

1)  San Francisco from our hike* up Bernal Heights

2)  Lunch at Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant in the Mission that I cannot say enough good things about.  and you might be thinking, vegan mexican?  I promise you don’t even miss the cheese.  amazing.

3) Emmy Lou, Carrie’s Boston Terrier puppy, stole our hearts and literally everyone who passes her stops to gush over how cute she is.  a and I NEED to move to a pet friendly building because we are in desperate need of puppy after falling in love with emmy and ace, cydney’s lover dog.

4)  Walking mission street with Carrie and Alissa (who will probably kill me for posting this of her in her grey hoodie- we kidnapped her from campus to take her to lunch with us)

5,6,7)  relaxing in Delores Park enjoying a gorgeous San Francisco day

8)  Ace, with her orange toenails (she is a BIG giants fan)

* i use the term hike loosely.  i was wearing spandex, but it was maybe more like walking….

take me out to the ball game......

 Every trip stateside we make, Andreas always asks if we can go to a baseball game, or rather any professional sporting event.  Finally it worked out that the giants were playing a home game against the dodgers while we were in San Francisco, which made for an amazing game with some of my best girlfriends and my brother and his fiancé.  Walking to the stadium, surrounded by a crowd of black and orange, we decided we definitely NEEDED some giants garb and ended up spending way too many dollars at the dugout store, although surprisingly they have some pretty cute stuff (albeit extremely overpriced).  $15 martinis, $10 beers, addictive garlic fries and a hot dog with all the fixins topped off a fabulous evening with some of my favorite people.  how did I live in San Francisco for a year and never go to a giants game before???  what a shame!

crappy point and shoot photos, please do not judge ;)

I also skipped over a week of our travels and will apparently not be posting in sequential order.  stay tuned for Santa Barbara.

it should probably also be noted that I am wearing andreas’s new hat in these pictures, because he was not wearing it (didn’t want to mess up the hair) :)  I look silly in baseball hats, but who cares.

the unseen sea

I stumbled upon this video and fell in love, who would think fog was so beautiful?  This video shows my old home beloved San Francisco in such an incredible light and will change the way I view the clouds above me forever.  Just stunning and I keep watching over and over.
Simon Christen has more gorgeous work on his site, which you should definitely see for yourself, his cityscapes are amazing.

thank you to fabulous alissa for liking such fabulous things and bringing them to me :)